Don't speak Latin in front of the books, Xander.

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Spike/Xander - How? Why?

I was reading some posts about characterization of Harry and Draco, characters that are in the same situation as Spike and Xander. So much animosity between them, how would they ever get together in the first place?

I think Spike is so much easier to understand in this type of situation, that I could see him being drawn to someone like Xander. Spike in Twitch I think is especially drawn to the basement dwelling Xander. Someone who is so seemingly immersed in his own self-doubt and hardships in life. Spike is drawn to that, he's drawn to people who are sucked into darkness, because that's where he is. For Spike to be with someone, anyone, it has to be on his terms, on his terrain. Otherwise it doesn't work for him.

Xander is a dark character. He seems to be a very light character early on, but in reality he is one of the darkest characters on Buffy. He is stuck, as I stated above, in his own weaknesses, not being able to get the girl, not being good enough for his father (we can only assume from what is shown and hinted at), not being able to stand up for himself...I mean the list goes on. Spike, who is in a sense too confident in his abilities, would be drawn to a person who is not capable. It's following a pattern set down for us on BtVS, we go from Dru who is physically and mentally incapable, to Harmony who is really mentally incapable, to Buffy who is emotionally incapable. Xander would be someone who, if the situation is right, could be all those rolled into one.

Spike would love to take care of and be possessive of someone like Xander. Would he ever admit it? Maybe. Maybe if he got so far into his obsession with Xander that he needed to do something about it, essentially driving himself insane. A la the idea for Twitch. It's somewhere that a lot of S/X writers choose not to go. But S/X is almost tailor made for an unhappy ending, although you can, and most often will make it happy.

Xander is a complicated character. His mind goes everywhere, his speech is almost always a jumble of interesting literary and pop culture references, and stupid teenageboyspeak (bitca anyone?). But, the problem with this characterization of Spike (my characterization) and this Xander (based on Xander from Twitch) is that Xander doesn't want to be taken care of, he'd most likely get angry with Spike very quickly if they ever were to get together.

But Xander would most likely not suspect anything from Spike. Chalk it up to self-doubt, but Xander knows what kind of man/vampire Spike is, he's cocky, and arrogant. And he has a right to be, in Xander's mind. Here is another vampire waltzing in to take Angel's place as soon as its empty. In Xander's mind he'll always be the last one.

But what works with Spike and Xander, is that deep down, Xander likes the attention and he wants to feel special, he wants to feel like that guy. But it's getting there that is the hard part.

Spike would be attracted to

  1. Xander's language: Xander is a verbal person, he wounds not with his fists, but with his language. He knows how to talk to Spike, just like Spike knows how to talk to Xander. They are snarky, witty, and they can match each other note for note in a verbal ring. Spike would love the way Xander is honest; not afraid to tell him when he's being a right bastard.
  2. Insecurities, Self Doubt, Paranoia: Spike is a vampire, he feeds on negative energy, darkness, and death. Xander is surrounded by it, and always has/will be. Xander, as stated above, is a dark character, and Spike is also. Spike is attracted to it.
  3. The chase: Most likely Spike is interested in those who are not interested in him. Again, he's a vampire; he needs something to fill his days in while he's sitting around waiting for the next meal. He'll want Xander to fight him back, to be feisty, to get a little fire under him, make him want.

Xander would be attracted to

  1. Spike's language: Out of all the scoobies, Xander would be the one to appreciate Spike's brutal honesty. He's been attracted to it before, Cordelia and Anya, and Buffy to some extent. He likes to be told what to do, when to do it, why etc. Remember what he said to Giles? He went on and on about how Giles could have just said 2 words instead of 50. Well that's Spike.
  2. The attention: re: reasons above.
  3. The darkness: Xander is a character who is dying to be let loose. He's stuck in a role that he can't break free of. Who better to set him free than Spike?


by Spuzz

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