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Essays on the Nature of Spike, Xander, Nakedness, and
How To Get Them That Way More Often

OK, so there's more to it than that. This is a page for anyone to put their thoughts down on screen. Rants, raves, thoughtful natterings, all are welcome. Mad and James will be posting an essay (or twelve) in varying degrees of 'soon'. At all times, however, you are welcome to submit an essay for this page. Please see the guidelines for the procedure of how to submit to this site.

While there are no specific content requirements for essays written, the webmistressi would like to point out that you should use common sense -- your own or someone else's. If you submit an essay talking about how horrid Ms. L is and how she shouldn't be allowed to post ever again, chances are we will use our 'D' key. If, however, you write an essay talking about how Ms. L just doesn't seem to get it with her writing, your essay will be examined closely for flames, then posted. The idea here is not to tear someone apart so they never post again. The idea is to allow Ms. L to realise how she can improve her writing -- or at least understand why you dislike it so much.

Essays should be approachable, usable, and appreciable by the masses. They are, obviously, the opinion of the writer, and certainly not inscribed on stone tablets.





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