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Full of Surprises
by Freerose28 (freerose28 at hotmail.com)

Summary: Wes needs help with his homework.

Spoilers: Set prior to Wesley's arrival in Sunnydale.

Rated: NC-17

Note: Thank you to: Kathryn Deason, Laura Mcveigh, and the people of the Btvs_Angel_Mature_Fanfic_Beta egroup for all their beta help.

Near the campus of Oxford University, 1995.

Wesley rapped his knuckles nervously on the door.,then he smoothed the creases of his pants with sweaty palms. Once again he wondered why he had dared to come here. A vague reference from a friend of a friend of a friend, an address written on a scrap of paper- Tell him Morry sent you.

All sketchy at best, but he didn't wish to be humiliated in Spell class again and he'd heard this chap was the best tutor around. Wesley was going to need help if he was to stay at University, as well as finish his Watcher training at the nearby compound.

The door swung open. A tall, dark haired man was revealed. Despite the fact that he was barefoot and wore jeans and a t-shirt, he had an air of grace. Cream's *White Room* was playing at full volume, somewhere in the dark recesses of the cottage.


"Mr.-Mr. Rayne? M-Morry s-sent m-me."

Ethan Rayne looked him up and down, starting at his loafers and moving upwards from there, ending with an odd little smile. He raised an eyebrow.

"Wesley Wyndam Pryce?"

"Yes, sir."

"Come in, and don't ever call me Sir again."

Wesley followed him into the house, closing the door behind him. There were several small candles burning on various surfaces in the cluttered front room. Ethan motioned for him to sit on the dark green couch.

"What's your poison?"


"What do you drink?" Ethan turned to a bar he had set up along the side of one wall.

"I-um-don't..That is.. We aren't allowed---. ."stammered Wesley.

"That'll change." Ethan smiled knowingly. "Time to be a big boy, Wesley."

He poured Wesley a drink of something amber colored. Wesley hesitated. It really was against the rules; Travers had been quite clear on that point. But so was leaving the compound to take extra instruction from unregistered teachers, and he had already broken one rule by coming here. Wesley swallowed the whole drink at once. He couldn't help but make a face as it burned going down, and Ethan chuckled softly.

"So you want to be a wizard, hmm?"

Wesley nodded dumbly, too nervous to form an answer.

"Well, you've come to the right sorcerer then."Mr. Rayne laughed at his own pun. Wesley ususally detested people who laughed at their own jokes. "Any particular reason why?"

"My father would like me to be."Wesley said stiffly.

"I didn't ask what your father wants. I asked what you wanted. Do you, or do you not want to become a wizard?"Ethan's blue eyes bore into him. His voice took on a challenging tone as he sat down next to Wesley on the couch.

"Not really." Wesley felt his hopes for a passing grade deflate. "I-I can't do it. I'm no good at magic. I try, but I can't even do simple spells."

"Can't is a word which does not exist. Never use that word in my presence again."The sorcerer reached out suddenly and grabbed Wesley's hand. The student was too suprised to say anything.

"You've got very soft skin."


"Not used to working with your hands? An intellectual perhaps?"Ethan began stroking with long fingers, over the lines that marked Wesley's upturned palm. "Spend much of your time pouring over facts and figures?"

He traced a finger up Wesley's wrist and lower arm.

"You do all your thinking in your head, and none of it with your heart. "

The low, soft cadence of his voice was soothing, almost hypnotic.

" Magic has little to do with facts and figures, lad. Oh, they play their part, but magic is about balance, and if your heart and mind are not together, you'll get nowhere."

"If my heart-"The young man looked once more into the entrancing eyes. "and mind are not together..." Ethan's hand had wandered up to Wesley's face, stroking his cheek thoughtfully. Wesley hardly noticed, but when he did, the sensation was not altogether unpleasant.

"Have you made your decision yet?" Ethan purred.

"I want to be a wizard." Wesley said decisively, if only so that this man would keep touching him. Ethan's fingertips crackled with magical energy. The whiskey that Ethan had given him to drink had taken effect. His brain was starting to feel muddled and the room was spinning slightly. His heart was racing, but probably not from the drink. The mage leaned forward and removed Wesley's glasses.

"Windows to the soul -and ooh-such a soul. Where have you been hiding, boy?"

Wesley opened his mouth to speak, but all that he could manage was to exhale the breath he'd been holding.

"You remind me of a friend I once had, from my foolish youth. Two kids couldn't have been closer than we were - Fox and Hound. "

"Were you the Fox?" Wesley asked, embarrassed at his audacity.

"What do you think?"The wizard's eyes twinkled playfully.

"I find you quite intriguing." Wesley was inwardly shocked at his own daring. Daring to flirt with another man! He wondered, with a sudden blush, just how far this conversation was going to go. He looked down at his hands, twisting together.

"And I, you." Ethan smiled. He didn't show his teeth. Wesley had heard somewhere that people who didn't show their teeth when they smiled were not to be trusted. Or was it people who did show their teeth? He suddenly couldn't remember even something as simple as his own name.

"What did you put in my drink?" He whispered hoarsley. He felt feverish, the warmth spreading throughout his entire body.

"Nothing." Ethan said. "Do you think I'm the kind of man who invites young men over to his house and puts things in their drinks? "

"I don't-I don't know. "

"I won't lie and say that I don't find you devastatingly attractive. But I do not stoop to putting drugs in other people's food. "

"Then what-?"

"Sex. Magic. Combined with 200 year old elfin whiskey. Makes for a potent package."

"Elves?" Wesley wondered.

"There is a point, if you continue your study of magic, when you will pass beyond merely floating roses ."

"I want to learn." *And I want some other things too* Wesley almost added. His breaths were short, panting, his mouth open slightly. Ethan's hand was gentley caressing his knee, moving up over his thigh and hip. His almost casual actions had introduced a shameful chain reaction in Wesley, or perhaps the drink had begun that. The young Watcher-to-be wasn't sure anymore, he was no virgin, 5 years of public boarding school had made sure of that., but actually desiring another man was beyond his scope of experience.

"I'm sure you're familiar with the basic types of magic, the four basic elements, and some elementary Latin?"

Wesley nodded mutely.

"Magic circles, simple levitation, herbs?"

Wesley nodded again.

"I see your-mind- is somewhere else right now. " Ethan observed. "You seem confused. Am I going to fast for you?"

"No-not too fast, but, confusing, yes. "

"I find that I like to remove all my clothing when I cast a spell. Helps me feel more at one with the earth." He pulled his shirt off over his head and began to unzip his trousors. Eyes focused on his teacher's hands, Wesley followed the older man's lead, slowly removing his own sweater and unbuttoning his shirt.

"Why so many layers? It isn't that cold outside. "Ethan teased. "Don't tell me-you're also wearing a t-shirt."

Wesley's face flushed. He was wearing three shirts. Or, rather, one shirt now that the other two were in a pile on the hardwood floor. Wesley felt Ethan's eyes studying him as he slipped out of his Dockers and somewhat nervously.

Ethan said nothing, but his eyes looked pleased.

Placing hands on Wesley's shoulders, he pressed him to his knees. Wesley started to tremble involuntarily as school memories flashed through his mind. Ethan turned to the bar for a brief moment. Wesley had difficulty hiding the small gasp that nearly escaped his throat. For a man in his 40's, Ethan looked really good from the back. Ethan turned back around, holding a bowl of something, and knelt down across from Wesley.

Ethan dipped his fingers in the bowl, then raised them to Wesley. Wesley took the hand and eagerly licked the fingers. That tiny part of him that wanted to know what it was that he was injesting was calmly ignored.

"What spell are you going to teach me?" Wesley wanted to know.

"Just a simple protection spell, with some fun things thrown in. "

Ethan instructed him in the proper Latin words to say, a sort of chanting, call and response series of words. The sorcerer began, and Wesley was to say certain words after each part. Ethan fell into a rhythm, saying the words so many times that they ceased to make sense and became lights, colors, scents and sounds. The voice emanating from Wesley didn't seem to be his own anymore, it was hard to tell the difference between his and Ethan's.

The temperature in the cottage changed, first freezing cold, then blisteringly hot, then freezing cold again. A faint breeze blew around the room, making the candle flames flicker. Petals floated down from somewhere, rose petals, white and pink and red. They fell like rain, hundreds at a time and made soft piles on the floor around Wesley and Ethan. Wesley did not protest when Ethan laid him down on top of the flowers, and kissed him long, slow and deep.

"Do you want to?" Ethan asked.

" Oh Yes! "Wesley gasped between kisses.

Ethan rolled him over onto his stomach. He ran hands down Wesley's back and arse, Wesley raised himself up a bit and spread his legs a little wider. No sound of a packet tearing open. Perhaps Ethan didn't like to use a condom? Wesley wanted this too much to stop him now. He felt the penetration and pushed back onto Ethan. No lube, and that should hurt, but somehow, strangely did not.

Nearly face down in the flowers, Ethan's body on top of his, perfume emenating from the petals he'd crushed with his knees. Wesley thought they'd been transported to another time and place, inhabited only by the two of them.

As their bodies convulsed together, sparks shot from both their skins. A pale green glow surrounded them, spreading out like ripples in a pool. They couldn't see it, but the sides of the room melted away, exposing the Things that stood on cold sand, under a star less sky and watched them.

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