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Just Dinner and a Movie
by Pot and Kettle Productions (Wyrdchaos and RabidX) -- (bp_potandkettle at yahoo.com)

Sequel to: 'Repreive' At Boiling Point: www.angelfire.com/weird2/wyrdchaos

Summary: Wesley and Xander try to have an actual date. Good luck.

Spoilers: Set mid season 3 for Angel, mid season 6 for Buffy

Rated: NC-17

Notes: Notes: ~ ~ indicate internal thoughts and * * indicate emphasis for formatting sake. Thanks to Waldo for the beta!

Standing outside the imposing front of the Hyperion Hotel, the home of Angel Investigations, Xander started to think scary thoughts. Maybe this hadn' t been the best idea. ~Not the bestest idea ever,~ he had thought it was thr ee hours ago. That maybe driving up to surprise his, er... boyfriend?... ear ly for their first actual going out in public date wasn't a clever plan. ~Dr iving up to surprise Wes early *and* ambushing him at his work.~ Xander stal led with his hand on the door. ~Okay, maybe I was possessed again. Cause I'm thinking this was a stupid, no the all time stupidest idea ever. And I've h ad some cake takers, boys and girls.~ He had just been so excited... It had been two months since they'd last seen each other.


Two months since his surprisingly amicable breakup with Anya. He rubbed his face absently. ~Yeah, the swelling's gone...~ Two months since his comin g out declaration to Buffy and Willow. ~Can we say awkward? Uber supporto gals. My bestest buds. But come on take two left feet and insert in mouths.~ Two long months... And phone calls weren't cutting it anymore. Nope. Nuhuh. Xander sighed. It was a little late now with his hand on the door. He opened it and shuffled in. He'd do what he always did, brazen things out and hope he didn't get smacked in the head. ~'Cause concussions, not so good for the whole date concept. Well, unless Wes is gonna wear a nurse's uniform and off er to take my temperature... Often.~


"Well, I think it is good for Wesley to find someone to mate," Groo said nodding.

Cordelia covered her mouth and laughed. Wesley was turning even redder th an before. She grabbed Groo's arm and tried to stifle her giggles.

"Date, Groo honey, date. There's no... mating yet." She turned back to We sley, perfect eyebrow raised. "Unless..."

Wesley looked up, giving Cordelia one of his blankest expressions. "I bel ieve that is none of your business."

Groo looked back and forth, confused. Then his face lit up. "Oh! If you n eed a potion like my Princess did, perhaps Angel and I could get you one."

Cordelia lost it again, sitting down on the couch next to an equally gigg ling Fred. It was way too much fun teasing Wesley about his mystery date. He 'd been on air for just about two months. It was good to see the dark circle s under his eyes fade and his smile come back. Almost as good as the look on his face now.

Angel juggled Conner in his hands trying not to laugh, grateful that he h ad peace back in his house. Two months of happy people saving the world. It was a nice change. Okay, he still didn't get the whole Cordy and Groo thing , but he was dealing. Okay, trying to deal. "Uhm, don't think he needs one of those potions. Unless there's something you wanna tell us Wesley? I mean *I've* had more dates than you lately..."

"Now, don't go dissin' my boy!" Gunn slapped the Englishman on the back, and slung his arm around his shoulders. "If he wants mating, there will be m ating. Uhm, just don't talk bout work 'kay, Wes? 'Cause demons and the slime - Big turn offs. Save that for later. Unless this chick- Whom we know *nothi ng* about- likes that kinda stuff."

"Yeah, about that..." Angel started, then broke off suddenly hearing the door open. A familiar scent and heartbeat. "Xander? Buffy. Is Buffy is okay? What's wrong?!"

Wesley looked up from his contemplation of hitting Gunn and smiled. Then he frowned. Good Lord, Xander had walked into the veritable lion's den. He s tarted to move, to walk over and stopped, not sure what to do or how Xander wanted to play this. Then he caught Fred's eyes. She looked at him, back at Xander and smiled.

"Wow." She said quietly.

Cordelia looked at her. "Wow? Okay. Angel, I'm sure Buffy is fine. Um, sh e's fine isn't she?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, Buffy's fine." Xander resisted the urge to roll his eyes. ~Yeah, Buffy's fine. In a just raised from the dead, I wanna go back to hea ven, but I can't so why don't I boink the Fangless Wonder way. Oh yeah, she' s just peachy.~ He sighed and told himself that wasn't fair. She'd been grea t about his 'turning gay' as she liked to put it. Even if she didn't have a clue, she was trying. Trying to understand. Trying to live again herself.

He smiled uncertainly, trying to stem the sudden panic. They were all sta ring at him. Big point blank stares. Even the baby. ~Baby? What the-~ "Ange l, ordering in now?"

"What? No! This is my son, Conner," Angel gritted out. If Buffy wasn't i n trouble, was Xander? And why come here? Xander hated him. Wouldn't it be just his luck that the boy needed his help? Okay, that might be kinda nice, to have 'you needed me, I came through, you owe me' points over Xander, but he'd have to pay the price of numerous 'Deadboy and 'vamps are evil' comment s. And then Harris would get creative.

"If Buffy's okay, then what's wrong?"

"Your son."

"Yes, my son."

"Okay, overlooking the whole vamps can't have kids... Your son? 'Cause yo u have to have sex to have one of those. And we all know how well that works out for you."

"Who is this guy? Hello?!" Gunn swept his arm out in an open invitation f or anyone to answer him.

"Xander Harris, from Sunnydale." Angel frowned and made quick introductio ns," Charles Gunn, Fred and Groo. They work with us." Angel sighed, "And yes my son. No, I'm not evil. And the rest is none of your business. Now why ar e you here?"

Xander shook his head. He wanted some of whatever Deadboy was smoking. A kid? Oh, Wes was so gonna get the bright light interrogation treatment. He g ulped and looked at Wes. So far, the other man, his date, hadn't really give n him a clue on how to proceed. ~Well, in for a penny... or would that be a dollar due to inflation?~

Xander pulled a red rose carefully from his inside his jacket and smiled weakly at Wes. "Surprise."

Wesley smiled back and was shocked to hear... nothing. He looked around a nd saw nothing but stunned faces, except for Fred, who was smiling even broa der and Groo, who was nodding like he understood. Shaking his head, Wesley g rabbed his coat and walked over to Xander. He took the rose and raised an ey ebrow.

"You're early," he said, eyes shining.

Xander was really here. That fact alone was enough for Wesley to forgive him for turning the office over on its, now very quiet, ear. Maybe even rewa rd him.

~Okay maybe not so bad a plan. Thinking that's a happy look. This was a g reat plan! Okay, seeing Deadboy make fish face- Bonus!~ Xander smiled bright ly. "Yeah, well..."

From pin drop silence the room burst into a riot of noise. Cordy and Gunn both talking at the same time, fast and furious. Questions were shot at the m both at rapid fire. So fast it was impossible to answer them. So fast it w as almost impossible to decipher them. So fast it made Xander's head spin. T he two on the couch, just looked confused. ~Okay, which one is Fred and wh ich one is Groo?~ Well, the Deadboy clone was definitly confused, and the t iny little bird woman looked confused and like she was getting worried or pi ssed. Xander wasn't sure which. Angel, he just gaped and looked from Wes to Xander and back again. Occasionally trying to stutter out something, but in no way up to the power of cutting through Queen C and her doubles partner a t 'Welcome to the Inquisition.'

"Enough!" Wesley thundered, whirling to glare at everyone. "*If* I feel l ike answering your questions, I will do so later. Right now, " He hooked an arm through Xander's, "we have things to do. I trust the rest of you do as w ell."

He gave them all one last glare, except Fred who just winked, and ushered Xander out the door. Pulling Xander along until they got to the gate, Wesle y collapsed against it, tugging Xander to him.

"My God... their faces..." He gasped, letting the laughter come at last.

For a moment, Xander hadn't been sure if he was going to burst out laughi ng, shouting or just plain burst. He laughed hard and heartily until the coi l in his gut unwound enough for him to breath again.

"Deadboy... Deadboy fish face..." Xander gasped out between spasms of lau ghter. Wiping the moisture from the corners of his eyes as things settled, he sighed. "Taking a wild guess here, but m'thinking you never told them. Ab out me."

Wesley sobered instantly. Was there any way to answer that question witho ut sounding like he was ashamed of Xander? He wasn't, not by a long shot. He had just been being... careful. He knew Angel and Xander got along about as well as two tomcats in heat. Cordelia had dated Xander as well, never mind the disastrously failed kiss he himself had shared with the ex-prom queen. T he last thing he had wanted was a scene just like the one a second ago until he knew it was going to work out. Part of him had been expecting Xander to go back to Anya after all.

"I... no, I hadn't. It's not any of their business anyway. After all, the y don't consult me on whom they should date." He sighed and tentatively touc hed one of Xander's hands. "I'm sorry..."

"Hey it's your life. Just because I came out to oh, *everybody*..." Xande r looked away, then looked back taking Wes' proffered hand in his.

"Look. I don't expect brass bands or an add in the LA Times- Actually, a band would be kinda cool, but I digress. Wes, I don't want to do the closet deal. Been there, I mean really, and don't wanna see that T-shirt ever again . As long as you're not ashamed to be with me, I can get along with Fang and his gang. Your gang." Xander faltered, not sure what else to say. He hadn't expected to have this talk... to *have* to have this talk.

"I'm not ashamed of you," Wesley whispered, eyes wide with the horror tha t he may have very well mucked his life up again. The look on Xander's face, more than his words, told him that.

"It's not the out and it's not you... We hadn't even talked about it.. Oh bloody hell." He let go of Xander's hand and clenched his fists at his side . "At the risk of sounding like a cliche, I'm British and an Ex-Watcher. Not talking about things is unfortunately ingrained in me. Not in public and no t to anyone except who's involved and if you knew my family, you'd see we di dn't even talk to each other. I am not ashamed of you. I am not ashamed to b e considered a homosexual. And I am most certainly not ashamed about who kno ws it. It's..." It was his turn to falter. "I-I was afraid to... muck things up." His face felt like it was on fire from the blushing shame.


"Huh. Okay... Strangely enough I get that. I understand." Xander nodded s lowly. Oh yeah, he got it. Got it in spades. "You do know, I'm kinda new at this right? The whole dating a guy thing? I can make you a couple of promise s.. I'm not gonna go all encounter group on you and want to discuss our *fee lings*," he punctuated with an eye roll, "every other half hour. Secondly, I 'm gonna make mistakes. You're gonna make mistakes. Sorry, but that's non-n egotiable. We'll make them, deal, and move on... Or so that's what I've hear d. As long as the like is still there and we're relatively honest with each other, I think we'll be fine."


Xander reached out and rubbed his hand along Wesley's shoulder. And boy, maybe it was way to soon to be having the relationship rules talk. They hadn 't even gone on their first official date. He shook his head and tried to li ghten the mood. "So where ya taking me? Is food involved some how? Cause kin da hungry here."

Wesley relaxed. They were getting so ahead of themselves weren't they? "J ust a second. I forgot something." He pulled Xander to him and kissed the y ounger man thoroughly. "There, that's better. Thank you." he said, smiling s hyly. "I was thinking steak. I have been up to my ears in back logged cases today and haven't eaten yet."

"Yeah, much better." Xander sighed. Back to the plan. Main objective: f un. He was more than ready for that. "Steak sounds great. Come on then. Let us go hunt the dead cow and partake of the beef. " Xander's eyes sparkl ed, "Come on Wes. Lead me on."

Wesley raised his eyebrow at the double entendre and took Xander's hand a gain. "Right then. Large quantities of dead cow and then, perhaps a movie? M aybe even in?" he asked mischievously. He led Xander over to his motorcycle and pulled the helmets out of the hardcase saddlebags. "Um... hope you don't mind pink?" His eyes glittered. "Unless you want to drive?"

The raised eyebrow was seen and matched, as Xander leaned into Wes, breat hing gently into his ear. "Only if you're bent over the bike. So until th en, I guess I'll back seat drive," Xander chuckled, giving Wes' earlobe a l ittle nip, as he took the helmet out of his hands. Still laughing, he eyed the very pink thing. "Okay, I am as secure in my manliness as the next guy. And getting more and more comfy with the sexual identity thing. But pink? Why did you choose pink? I mean aside from pink helmet sounding like either a very gay band or a bad condom brand."

It took Wesley a second to recover from the oh so close suggestion and ni p. He took a shivering breath and shrugged. "It came with the bike and I've never gotten around to getting it replaced. Helmets can be quite expensive." He pulled on his motorcycle jacket and grinned. "You should have seen Angel in it." He pulled on his own helmet, adjusted the goggles and got on, swing ing the bike off its stand. "And if you keep up things like the ear, we'll n ever get any food."

"Angel huh?" Xander snickered as he swung his leg over and settled behin d Wes. "How'd he get it over his hair? Must have mourned the 'do for days. " He settled the pinkness on his head and slid his arms around Wes' middle. "Let's get this date rolling. I'm a hungry man here."

Wesley nodded, started the bike and pulled out. He drove through downtown and out until he came to a small steak place he'd found close to home. Mode rately priced, pleasant atmosphere and good food. All he ever really wanted in a restaurant. Well that and a table on a Friday night. Guaranteed for him for life, since he and Gunn had cleared the kitchen of a small demonic infe station a while back. He swung into a parking place and shut off the bike. I t was almost too bad to have to get off. Xander's arms and closeness had fel t wonderful. His growling stomach, however, had other ideas besides cuddling .

"Right. Here we are."

Xander pulled the helmet off and with one hand pulled Wes even closer, pr essing front to back. The ride over had done nothing to lessen Xander's hung er. Hunger for Wes. ~Make a note. Motorcycle not good for self-control. Vibr ation thing. Very bad. Er, or good. I wonder if we can get this thing into W es' apartment. Or wait, maybe a drive and picnic. Oh yeah, sex al fresco.~

Xander murmured, "Yeah, here we are. Think we can get this to go?"

Wesley swallowed heavily and pressed back. Fumbling the helmet off, he la id his head on Xander's shoulder and closed his eyes. "We could try." Then h e turned his head and grinned, opening his eyes. "But that's not a proper da te is it? Not a first one and I distinctly remember you wanted to, oh how di d you put it, 'have dinner and some kissing and groping in a theater'. No wa it, you said kissage I believe. That sound familiar?" he teased.

"Huh. You must have me mixed up with some other Xander. 'Cause I would never have said something like that. Nope, not me." Xander drew the older man into a deep and passionate kiss, twisting his body around Wesley's to ge t as close as he possibly could. "Except the kissage part. I faintly remem ber that."

Three things cut off Wesley's reply. First, a young couple walking by chu ckled. Then his stomach growled loudly. Both caused him to swing back around front and nearly upset the bike. After a second's struggle, he slammed the kickstand down and lightly beat his head on the handle bars.

"Right. After that poetry in motion, I think we'd better eat. Maybe I can regain some semblance of dignity and balance then." He sighed.

"Okay. Okay. The Fates have spoken." Xander released Wes, and got off t he bike, laughing. He handed the bike helmet ~Think I'm gonna call her Bet ty.~ back to Wes, and turned to survey the restaurant. It looked nice, but not too nice. It also looked dark. "Uhm Wes? Aren't there supposed to be lights of some sort? Or do we dine by Braille?"

Wesley looked and sighed. "Bugger. I wonder what happened?" He walked ove r to the door and saw... nothing. No sign, no curtains framing the door wind ow, nothing. "It was open last week." He grumbled. "Wonderful. Well then, ne xt choice."

He handed Xander back the pink helmet, trying to think of restaurants he knew. Not bloody many and a few were pretty expensive. For a brief moment, h e toyed with calling Cordelia and getting her advice. No, that would lead to far more questions that he felt like answering at the moment. Then he remem bered a place, top of a hotel, that was nice and not overwhelming. Yes, it w ould do.

"You know, we passed a couple of burger palaces on the way here..." Xande r said, as he pulled Betty back on and climbed on to the bike. "Lots of dea d cow to be found there." ~'Cause jumping you is not gonna be an option aft er too many rides on the vibrating crotch rocket, it's gonna be a moral imp erative.~

"No guarantee it's actually cow," Wesley said, mock glaring. "Just let me call and see if they have a table. If not, then hamburgers it is."

He pulled out his cell phone and, after a quick call to directory assista nce, he got the restaurant. They did, indeed, have a table and would hold it for Mr. Wyndham-Price. "We've got a table," Wesley said, giving Xander a bi g eyed look, "shall we?"

Xander grimaced slightly, caught in his own personal Soylent Green flashb ack. When for a split second he thought he had- 'Doublemeat is people'- ea ten someone. And not in a good way. He nodded to Wesley, sliding his arms b ack into place around the older man's waist.

"Oh yeah. No burgers. Let's go."


The ride wasn't quite a nightmare, but it was close. They were nearly sid eswiped by a limo and caught in the ensuing paparazzi chase for the starlet inside. The flashbulbs from the cameras nearly blinded Wesley and it was wit h a sigh of relief that they pulled up to their destination. A short elevato r ride later, and they were finally seated at their table.

"At bloody last," Wesley mumbled as they looked over menus.

Closing his menu, Xander rubbed at his eyes. The near miss with fire-y death had cooled his ardor somewhat, and now he was just happy to be not mov ing. Not moving in an alive sorta way. He told himself to relax. They wer e here. In a restaurant. About to order and have dead and charred animal f lesh brought to them. It was good. The date was not a disaster. A rocky s tart, that was all it was, and now the dining and romancing portion of the e vening could commence. It was all good.

"M'gonna have the steak with all the trimmings. The big one. How bout y ou?"

"Sounds smashing." Wesley winced at himself. "After a bit ago.. wonderful , sounds wonderful." The he laughed, running a hand through his hair. "I'm h alf tempted to order an obnoxiously expensive bottle of wine to go along and take a taxi home." He sat back and looked at Xander. "Glad you're here."

"Yeah, " Xander smiled, sliding a hand over to run a finger along Wesley' s hand. "Me too. Glad with the being here. Really glad not to be intimate ly involved with a twisted hunk of metal accident." Xander paused and his sm ile broadened, "but really makin' with the happy to be here. With you."

Wesley laced his fingers in Xander's and smiled back. "Well yes, sort of hard to have a date by one's self."

"Well, it can be done. S'not pretty. Actually it's pretty huge on the p athetic meter. And can I once again thank you for going out with me?"

"Thank me?" Wesley laughed. "It's not like it's a hardship, you know. I s hould be thanking you."

A waiter appeared as if by magic, and considering his life Xander wasn't so sure it wasn't magically induced. He and Wes were having a moment. A sw eet moment. Okay, maybe waiter interruptus was a good thing, because Xande r was sure of one thing. He couldn't hold on to smooth for extended period s of time. He smiled and released Wes' hand, compensating the lack of hand holding-ness with a light slide of his foot against Wes' ankle, as they both ordered.

After the waiter left, Wesley leaned back across and took Xander's hand. He tried to remember the last time he'd been this overcome with the need to touch. It hadn't been Virginia that was for sure and certainly no one he'd d ated back home. Too much touching simply wasn't done. It was probably why he liked it so much now. That or it was Xander. ~Oh you sappy ponce! One night , two months and not even half a date and here I am all cow eyed... twitterp ated I believe Fred called it. Not sure I'm sorry one bit for it either.~

"So... how are things in Sunnydale. Dare that I ask."

"Well did the whole coming out thing to the gang... Told you about that. I love them dearly, but if Buffy calls me one of the girls one more time, she's gonna get that one way ticket to heaven she wants..." Xander paused, a nd looked away slightly embarrassed and slightly ashamed. "Sorry. I really shouldn't go there. Buff's dealing with a lot of bad mixed up stuff right n ow. I can deal. Willow and Tara are like over supportive." Xander rolled h is eyes and smiled at Wes. " Did I tell you about the setup they tricked me into? The 'come over and hang and oh look it's the gay guy we know from cla sses' setup?"

"No I don't believe you did. " Wesley laughed. "Wait a minute. You only c ame out to them? But didn't mention me?" Wesley looked mock-shocked. "And he re you had me on the ropes earlier, you brat! Cordelia's been thinking I'm g ay since we kissed years ago and you give me a hard time." He shook his head . "I do know it might have been hard doing that however and I'm glad they're supporting you. Not sure about the guy from class though."

"What? No.. I mean yes..." Xander paused and rolled his eyes, "Yes, I jus t came out to them, about two weeks ago. Or did you forget that phone call? And yes, I did tell them about you. I. They. I. " He looked away, mumbli ng under his breath.

"No I didn't forget the phone call, but the tease was too good to pass on ." Wesley said. "You. They. You what?"


Wesley stared. "They didn't believe it was me?" Then he broke up laughing . "I can't imagine why! Doubt they've thought much about me since I've left, never mind what I might be into."

"Yeah. Okay," Xander fought the smile and lost with a chuckle. "Okay it 's funny. It's funny *now*. It wasn't funny, when I was standing there goi ng- 'no really, I'm seeing someone. A guy named Wes'- And my best friend i s making 'just ignore him... he's shy' hand jive behind me. Like I couldn't see her reflection in the window!"

"Friends can be such a mixed blessing sometimes," Wesley said. "Oh now I wish we'd set this for Sunnydale. I would dearly love to see their faces. As much as I wish I'd had a camera at the office." He let go of Xander's hand as the salads and drinks came. "Wonder if they're timing this?" he muttered as the waiter left.

"Dunno. But of the good," Xander mumbled digging into his salad. After a few bites, he paused and motioned with his fork, "Speaking of the office. Baby. Angel. Angel. Baby. Just slip your mind?"

Wesley slowly finished his bite and then wiped his lips. "It's... rather a long story. And not entirely mine. The sum up is... hell.." He took a sip of his drink. "Darla, his sire, got resurrected. As a human. They had sex an d somehow Angel kept his soul. I think it's because it wasn't a true moment of happiness. Anyway, and here it gets tricky, like anything in our lives is easy," Wesley rolled his eyes at that. "She left, Drusilla apparently embra ced her and she showed up a bit ago. Pregnant. There's a prophecy involved, of course, so... Angel has a son. Er, if that makes any sense. I didn't tell you, hell no one in Sunnydale knows, because, well... it's... Angel's story and complicated," he finished weakly.

"Complicated? Complicated." Xander blinked a couple of times and delibera tely took another few bites of his salad, listening to his brain boggle. ~Da rla. Dru. Darla. Angel. Baby time. Oh, Buff's gonna nuke him, when she finds out.~ He shook his head and smiled wryly. "That's not complicated, Wes. Dia bolical, yeah. Complicated, no. Oh man..." Xander rubbed his eyes, " Prophec y huh? End of the World right? You do know Buff's gonna find out, right? Soo ner or later. And shit, I'm gonna have to talk to Deadboy now."

"Well, we're not sure about the end of the world... yet. There's somethin g frankly impossible about Conner." Wesley sighed. He'd been working on the prophecies relating to Conner ever since he was born and all they gave him w as a head ache. "I'm not even sure if anything is going to come to pass for years, possibly far after Conner is an adult. As for Buffy's finding out, I suggest you leave that between them." Wesley played with his food. "I don't want to sound callous, but this has nothing to do with her. Not every apocal ypse requires the Slayer."

"I know. The Slayer may not be needed, but she's not just the Slayer. She 's my friend. She's got a right to know. He should have told her." Xander pu t his fork down and grimaced.

Horns of dilemma were never comfortable. Nope, they smarted like hell. It wasn't like Xander really gave a rat's ass, or any other type of ass, about Angel. If he dropped off the face of the earth anytime soon, no sleep would be lost. Could he keep information like this from Buffy? From his friend? S hould he? She wasn't in the best emotional place right now, this might tip h er over into never-never land. ~Okay, this sucks! Deadboy is screwing up my life, and sucking away my fun time. Why couldn't he just stay in Hell?~

Wesley found himself wanting to get angry. Buffy Summers had a right to k now? Did Angel need to update her on every little thing in his life? She sur ely never afforded him the same courtesy. He hadn't even known about Glory t he Hell God until Buffy was dead.

"And he's not just a Champion, he's my friend. I'm sure there are plenty of things she's not told him." He sighed again. He was getting good at that. "Look, it's not either of our decisions to make here, it's his. And right n ow, it's making this date rather miserable. I don't want to talk about Angel and Buffy and the eternal Byronic swoon that is their relationship. They ke ep trying to move on and I suggest we let them. Better or worse."

The waiter, in his continuing display of perfect timing, brought their di nners. Wesley nodded his thanks and stared at his steak. Suddenly he didn't feel like eating. He felt like... going home, getting out his papers and bur ying himself in his research. There was just a little problem of liking Xand er. Wanting to actually have a good time on the date.

"Can we start over? Perhaps with a moratorium on speaking about what Buff y and Angel need to, have done and will do to each other?" He asked quietly.

"For the rest of this evening? Yeah." Xander sighed and reached out for W esley's hand, covering it with his own. "I really don't want this to come be tween us. I mean we got so much else to deal with as it is, but you gotta kn ow it's not gonna go away. We can play the 'see no evil, speak no evil' game . But I know now. And maybe I'm not sure on what to do with this little bomb shell, but I...." He smiled weakly and shrugged. "I like you, Wes. I like yo u a lot."

Wesley squeezed Xander's hand and blushed. "I'm quite fond of you as well . And yes, just for tonight. I know it's not going away." He laughed. "Nothi ng is that easy. I do think, if it came between us, I might curse them both, or at least force them on a cruise together." He gave Xander's hand one las t squeeze. "Well then let's eat. I think I might still be starving."

Xander nodded, and picked up his silverware. "Or we could just cover all the bases and force them on a cursed cruise. Ala Voyage of the Damned. You k now surround them with shiny happy people. No hair products, espresso machin es or people to save. They'd go crazy. Might even have to talk or something. .. Nawwww, they'd jump ship first."

Chuckling, he looked at his steak for a moment and then, "Mooooooooooooo. "

Wesley laughed. Here was a first class example of why he liked Xander: hu mor, even in the absurd. "If it starts mooing back, I think I shall make a d ash for the bike. Or at least the kitchen." He cut into his own, not quite s o rare steak and started eating.

"It's always a good idea to commune with the beef." Xander smiled as he c ut into his own meal. "Just in case, you know, it decides to try and get up off the plate."

"But what if you just told it to 'sod off' in bovine?" Wesley asked, amus ed.

Xander smiled brilliantly. It was so cool. Wes not only clued into the jo ke, but played along. "It's a cow Wes, dead or undead, I'm thinking vocabula ry pretty much boils down to 'hello, goodbye and so's your mother'. And if m y meal tries to get up off the plate, I'm hoping dial the odds hit 'so's you r mother'."

Shaking his head, Wesley ate more. Chuckling, Xander did as well, and the y ate quietly for a while. Now this was nice. Just the way things were suppo sed to be on a date.

"New player?"

Wesley froze and slowly turned around. Of course. Lilah Morgan. Why not? "No. Old player, different ball park."

Xander looked up, the smile fading from his face quickly. Whoever this ch ick was, she was interrupting the fun time and making Wes tense. Two strikes right off the back. She was pretty he supposed, if you like the thin to the point of emaciated, but it was her eyes that made Xander shift his grip on his steak knife. Cold and self amused eyes. Vampire eyes. Even if she wasn't undead, she wasn't far from it or something equally bad. That and she was c heesing him off.

Lilah raised her eyebrows. "Recruiting then? The flake from Texas not wor king out? Or is he interviewing for the nanny position?"

Wesley drew in a long breath and stood up, his face cold. "As wonderful a s it's been to see you, Lilah, I suggest you leave before he gets upset. I d on't think pissing off a man who's stopped more apocalypses than you have st ock options is a very wise idea."

Lilah took a step back and eyed the young man. She'd never seen him befor e, but his face was as cold as Wyndham-Price's. Pretty, but cold and very aw are of his surrounding. The Englishman wasn't being as downtrodden and despo ndent as their information led them to believe and it had something to do wi th the younger man. Interesting and maybe something to look into.

"Go. Away." Xander kept his voice purposely flat and just a touch on the bored side. "Now."

"Don't get your panties in a bunch. I just wanted to say hello to an old friend." Lilah smiled her corporate-lawyer-from-hell smile. "Hello, Wesley. Tell Angel I hear Desetin works wonders for diaper rash."

"Good bye, Lilah..." Wesley said, "Be sure you get the money up front wit h the next john."

Lilah pursed her lips and walked away. Wesley waited until she walked out the door and sat down. He let out his held breath and took his glasses off, rubbing his eyes. Maybe they should have gone home and ordered a pizza.

"I hate that woman."

"Well, file that under 'D' for duh." Xander scanned the room quickly for other threats. Everything was normal. Normal people eating normal food. Well except for the table full of thousand dollar suits, now staring at Wes and him, trying not to be obvious about it. Xander loosed his grip on his knife, and took a bite of steak before asking. "Another story to tell me, Wes?"

Wesley grimaced, poking at his baked potato. "Lilah Morgan. Works for a f irm of lawyers called Wolfram and Hart. They're evil and not just because th ey're lawyers. Sold their souls, work for the Dark Powers, the whole bloody nasty deluxe evil package."

"An entire firm?" Xander glanced over at the table of lawyers and smiled coldly, before looking back at Wes. "So you gotta plan to take them down yet ? And do you need any help?"

"Xander," Wesley began. "It's been tried. They came back. As much as Ange l is a Champion of good, that firm is a champion of evil. Call them our neme sis if you will." He sat up and put his glasses back on. "They've got strike teams that make the SAS look like children playing with wooden guns, more r esources than the Council has and... no, we don't have a plan other than to keep them the hell away from Conner. It's the best we can do at the moment, fight them when we have to." He gave a small, almost shy, smile. "But thank you for offering."

"Anytime. And I do mean that." Xander smiled, "You do know that right. Bu ffy and Deadboy the soap opera aside. We'd all be here to help, if you guys needed it. It's what we do. Okay, technically since I don't get paid for it, it's more of a hobby, but you know what I mean..."

"Yes I do know," Wesley said, looking down. "Your hobby, my paycheck. The n again, I don't suppose I can complain. It is mostly what I went to school for. Running the business, I wish I'd taken more accountancy classes." He to ok a few more bites. "Now, where were we? Oh yes, so would you like to catch a movie after dinner?" He asked, eyes wide and innocent.

"Uhm-uh," Xander fidgeted for a second. He could almost see Suave Xander take the hit right between the eyes and keel over, as big blue eyes tuned in on him. Big beautiful hypnotic eyes. A slightly goofy grin slid onto his fa ce. "Oh-kay."

Wesley nodded and smiled again. "Excellent. You pick."

"Okay," Smile still firmly in place, Xander ate another bite of his steak . The smile morphed into a slight frown when his brain engaged once again. " Uhhhhhhhh what? What did I just agree to?"

Wesley frowned. "To take me to Paris." He burst out laughing at the confu sed look on Xander's face. "To pick the movie."

"That was not nice, Wes." Xander wagged his fork at the other man. A devi lish smirk appeared, and Xander leaned in closer to Wes dropping his voice. "Not nice at all. And could earn you a spanking when you least expect it."

Inhaling sharply through his nostrils, Wesley stared. Two months later an d Xander still managed to shut his brain down. "W-well, I guess I'll try to be good." He blushed. "But then I wouldn't get spanked... oh dear Lord... we re we going to a movie?" he stammered breathlessly. Yes, phone... conversati ons hadn't cut it at all.

"Were we?" Xander's smile broadened, as he slipped his foot up Wesley's a nkle.

"No?" Wesley asked, swallowing heavily.

"I didn't think so." Xander looked around, saw and signaled their waiter. "Can we get these boxed up to go?" As soon as their plates disappeared, he leaned back into Wes. "This place has got rooms right? 'Cause not thinking I can wait to get back to your place." Nope, a blushing breathless Wes was to o much of a temptation.

It took Wesley a moment to process the information. Xander's foot running along his leg was distracting. "Hmm? What? Oh yes. Yes! It is a hotel." ~An d my driver's license says I'm an adult. Not that you could tell by how I'm acting! And I rather like it.~ "You grab the boxes and I'll book us a room?"

Xander moved his chair closer to Wes, and slid his hand into the other ma n's jacket. Half caress. Half investigation. He sighed in regret when he ret rieved what he was looking for... he handed the cell phone to its owner. "Ca ll from here, while I pay the bill. Have them run the key up." Nope, no way in hell was he letting Wes out of his sight. Not this close to horizontal-ne ss. "And Wes? Get a big bed," he whispered as the waiter reappeared with the ir boxes, and he started to deal with the check.

Wesley took the phone, blinking several times. What was it about Xander H arris that turned him into a stuttering teenager again? Not that he would ev er complain, after all it was nice, very nice, not to be the boss. Shaking h is head, he got the main hotel number off a matchbook on the table and made the room reservations. The desk clerk assured him that his key would be wait ing at the maitre'd's table on their way out of the restaurant. Clicking hi s phone shut, he waited for Xander to finish with the waiter, grinning sligh tly.

Signing off on the credit card slip, Xander turned back and was caught by Wesley's little Mona Lisa smile. His grin broadened involuntarily, and he t hought for a moment they wouldn't get to the room fast enough. That he was g onna vault right over the table and take Wes right on the restaurant floor.

Clutching the boxes, he rose and motioned to Wes, "Shall we?"

For a moment, he felt guilty about being a horndog. They had talked about getting to know each other, about doing the actual dating deal, about just talking and... Okay. He felt bad. He'd make it up to Wes after they made it. Yeah, after the sex.

"We shall," Wesley said and headed to the door.

He saw a bellboy just clearing the elevators and tried not to snatch the room key from him. Signing the offered registration papers, he barely contro lled a dash for the elevator which, of course, closed as they reached it. He stood waiting, making slight contact shoulder to shoulder contact with Xand er while the bellboy shifted around nervously. Wesley had the perverse urge to give the nervous boy a show and gave in, taking one of Xander's hands and kissing it.

"Take the stairs," Xander advised the bellhop and slapped a twenty into t he kid's hand, as he drug Wes into the opening elevator.

Not even waiting for the doors to shut, he pulled Wes to him and into a p assionate kiss. From the hallway he heard, "Thank you Sir! My name's Keith. And if you need anything... I mean *anything*...." The doors closed. And all Xander could think of was a handful of Wesley.

Barely having enough presence of mind, Wesley hit the right floor button and slapped his hand on top of the take-out boxes in Xander's so they wouldn 't hit the floor. Then he grabbed a handful of Xander's coat and let himself get very very lost in the kiss. God, he'd missed this. He didn't even notic e the elevator had stopped or the doors opened until he heard a polite cough . Breaking the kiss, he blushed several new shades of red at the little old woman standing there. She smiled mischievously at them as Wesley pulled Xand er off and down the hall.

When he reached the right door, he had to stop for a second, laughing. "A bellboy and an old woman. Who else shall we give a show?"

"Anyone who wants one, if you don't get that door open." Xander mock grow led. Pressing against Wesley, he nibbled and whispered into the older man's ear, "Open the door, Wes. Open the door."

Shuddering, Wesley managed to get the key card slotted and they practical ly fell into the room. Once again, he slapped his hand down and stopped the boxes from sliding to the floor. He took them and just got them in the small refrigerator under the sink when Xander advanced on him, growling.

It was hooting monkey time. Bent over Wesley had gotten their attention, and Xander got shoved out of the driver's seat. One handy patch of bare wall later, he had himself pressed to Wesley, and was rediscovering other man's taste and the contours of his mouth with a very thorough kiss. The feel of h is body moving against another hard body. The squeaky 'screek' noise of thei r leather jackets rubbing against each other. Happy monkeys.

"Oh God, I missed you. Your taste..." He licked at a span of bare skin at the base of Wesley's neck, while his fingers went on recon under the gray s weater-y thing that Wes had worn. "The feel of your skin."

Happy fingers. They found nipples. Xander let one hand go, rubbing and pi nching gently at one hardening peak, while the other pushed the clothing up and out of the way, so he could get his tongue on the other. Happy, chatty monkey-boy. "Mmmmmmmmmmm. Look what I found..." he teased and started to ton gue lash the hapless nub.

"Missed you too...aahh!" Wesley gasped as his head thunked back against t he wall.

His hands clawed for a purchase on Xander's leather clad back. This was u nfair. He couldn't reach anything but Xander's head well. His brain reminded him of two things. One, he was getting lots of cock hardening attention and two, he had a voice. "God yes..." He moaned. "H-harder..."

Oh monkey-boy liked that idea. Xander moaned and started with little nips , just pinching with his teeth. A pinch. A hard suck. A pinch. A roll of his tongue. A soft exhale of hot breath over wet flesh. Both of Wesley's nipple s were red and puckered, as if straining to reach his mouth or fingers. ~Wel l, can't disappoint. That'd be rude.~ Pinning Wesley's shoulders to the wall , Xander's mouth swooped in again. Playing his tongue hard against a tight b ud and rolling it between his teeth, Xander scraped against the tender skin.

Wesley groaned louder and started shaking uncontrollably. His hands now s crabbled at the wall while his chest arched out. Sharp pain, melting into sw eet pleasure had him keening softly. He couldn't stop shaking, stop wrigglin g, wanting more, wanting to be touched everywhere.

Oh the sounds! How Xander loved the sounds Wesley made... from the little gasps and moans to the precious mewing. He had almost forgotten... No, that wasn't quite true. Those sounds had haunted his dreams both day and night, but the reality of those sounds were so much sweeter than the memory. A tang ible heat making him burn even more for Wesley.

He smiled against the older man's chest, breathing heavily. It was odd in a way, Xander wasn't an aggressive sorta guy. Surrounded by strong women, h e had always been comfortable being the mediator and maker of laughs. The fo llower. Something about this man called to the primitive part of him, whis pering to his animal brain. Spoke to the monkey in his head, or maybe it was the vestiges of the hyena. Because he was definitely feeling the need to hu mp Wesley's leg right now... Wanted to bite, claw and mark the other man as his and his alone. Surrendering, Xander ground their groins together, cock a gainst cock through the layers of cloth, and bit down hard. He'd leave Wesle y with a lovely ring of teeth marks circling his right nipple.

Wesley screamed and damn near came right there. Never, ever had he asked someone to do this to him, for him. Never, in all his sweaty fumblings at sc hool, the sweet soft times with Virginia, had he asked. It wasn't done. It w asn't right. Despite intellectual knowledge of sexuality, he'd never been ab le to give up control, to ask to be hurt in a good way. Xander made him want to strip, lay on the bed and offer his throat. Maybe it was trust, maybe it was... he didn't know. All he knew at that moment was there were tiny spots of light dancing behind his tightly closed eyes. Hot pain gliding ecstatica lly down to pool in his groin. Xander's name babbling from his lips.

Grinding himself against Wesley once more, Xander caught the man's mouth in a brutal kiss, swallowing the sounds. Drinking in the babbling brook. The entirety of his mental menagerie were in agreement. It was naked time. It w as past naked time. Naked time now! With a throaty chuckle, Xander broke the kiss and started to unbuckle Wesley's belt.

Wesley moaned and opened his eyes. Yes, Xander was indeed undoing his bel t. He shivered in anticipation and started to shrug his jacket off. Just bef ore it slipped off... his jacket rang. Oh no. "Oh dear God..." he groaned. T hey couldn't. They wouldn't. He fumbled his cell phone out. No, they wouldn' t unless it was an emergency. He'd told them not to. "I don't believe this.. . Hello?"

Hands still holding the ends of Wesley's belt, Xander made a sound that c rossed a groan and a growl. "No. No. No."

"Wes? We got a vision." Angel's clipped tones, his on the job voice, cont inued. "Demon's gonna rise and slaughter a bunch of kids. Somewhere on Divis ion. Near the park. We're on the way. Meet you there." The line went fuzzy a nd disconnected.

Wesley slapped the phone closed, shrugging his jacket back up on his shou lders. "I've got to go. A demon's getting ready to rise and slaughter a grou p of children." He beat one fist back against the wall. "They wouldn't have called if they didn't need me. Blast. I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Xander sighed. He refastened Wesley's belt. "Not your fault. Let's go. The sooner we achieve slay-age the sooner we can resume date-age." And dammit, sooner or later, tonight even, they were getting laid! He picke d up the room key from the table, and straightened his coat. "Oh, you got an y weapons? Or we improvising?"

Wesley blinked. Then he looked chagrined. Of course Xander would want to come along. "Yes, I have a few things in the bike's hardcases. Not much mind , a couple of hand axes, a machete, stakes and holy water." He opened the do or and headed for the stairs. "So a bit of improvising I suppose."

"I call axes!" Xander said. Closing and locking the door behind himself, he hurried after Wesley. For a second, he wondered if they should drop the k ey off at the desk, but dismissed that idea as just wrong. They'd be back.


Wesley threw the kickstand down and got off the bike. He waited for Xande r to dismount and dug out the weapons, handing over the axes. Then he listen ed. There was nothing to hear but a dog barking and one stereo. Blast. He pu lled out his cell phone and hit the speed dial for Angel.


Wesley peered up and down the street as he talked. "We're here but I have no idea where to start. No one's actually screaming. Did Cordelia get a hou se description or anything?"

"Uhm, yeah. White house. It's got a- Gunn, what'd she call it? Oh yeah, a miniature ornamental lamp thing on the walk. What?" Angel voice grew muffle d. "Look, you want to tell him? Yeah, right." His voice became clear again. "Wrought iron."

"Wrought iron," he sighed. "Right. Anything on the demon?"

"The usual. High on the slime and tentacle quotient." Angel paused and gr owled. "Shit!"

"Shit? Wonderful," Wesley said, gritting his teeth "We've got two axes an d a machete."

"Wha? No. No. Shit traffic. Accident up ahead." Angel paused and the muff led voices of protest could be heard even over the screeching tires. "Going for an alternate route. Wait as long as you can for us, Wes."

Examining the axes carefully, Xander nodded to himself. They both had a g ood edge to them, but he didn't expect anything less of Wesley's equipment. He hefted them. They were a bit on the small side. ~Beggars. Choosers. Not m uch with the choices. Just hope this thing doesn't have the Teflon skin. Man , I hate that.~

"Right." Wesley hung up and gave an Angel-like sigh. "Traffic accident de lays. Let's find the house and hope this demon waits for everyone to show."< /P>

"Cause demons are so polite that way?" Xander smiled wryly, "Ya see. That 's the good thing about Sunnydale. No night traffic to speak of... And I jus t said something nice about the Hellmouth. Better check the chronicles for p rophecies. Cause that's gotta be a sign." Xander hefted the axes again. "Oka y. House. Hold down fort. You got the 411. What are we looking for? Or are w e on 'Watchtower' search?"

Wesley blinked. He had no idea what Xander meant about watchtowers, but h e shrugged. "White house with an ornamental wrought iron lamp in the front. We can expect slime and tentacles." He started up the street, looking for la mps. "As for who's inside, other than children, I have no idea. I'm not even sure how many." He took four steps and stopped. "Watchtower?" If he didn't ask, it was going to bother him.

"Keep moving, Wes." Xander nudged the other man to continue walking. Damn , if he didn't look really really cute with that 'okay, I gotta know' look o n his face. "Yeah, 'Watchtower'. You know," Xander put a friendly but rather blank look on. "'Good evening to you. Have you been saved? We have joyous n ews for you. Just a moment of your time... No, wait! Please, Jesus loves you !'" Smiling, he shrugged, "Get's you a peek at the resident and the inside."

"What in the world... oh. Oh! Um... Jehovah's Witnesses. Right. I remembe r Cordelia mentioning them." Wesley started walking again. "Never had the pl easure. Though I had thought answering them in Rylosh might be interesting." He chuckled then froze. "There's the lamp."

"Well, that was easy. Which does not bode well for the rest of the progra m." Xander frowned. "So case the house? Or knock?"

"Well, I think our best choice would be..." A scream rent the night air, making Wesley jump.

""To knock in the door!"" Wasn't it lovely when two minds thought alike. .. They raced up the walkway, and just to be safe, Wesley tried the knob fir st. Locked of course. He stepped back and kicked above the handle, as Xand er took up a support position. Again and the latch gave. "Let's just hope this isn't too bad... Oh dear Lord."

"Ya know, I really hate it when British guys say that kinda- Down!" Xande r grabbed a handful of leather jacket and pulled Wesley down, as a large som ething sailed past where the other man's head would have been.

The room inside was a whirlwind of debris and screaming. Xander could jus t see a vortex closing right in front of what seemed to be a fireplace. ~Who needs a fireplace in LA?~ A black hole that no light seemed to escape. He c ounted six girls, maybe Dawn's age, huddled in groups around the edge of the room, screaming. Oh and the monster. Right in the middle of them, all sickl y purple and spewing what look like snot at things. It might have been funny , comical even, the thing looked like someone had upchucked a squid on its f ace, and on its hands. Okay just about everything and everywhere had the ten tacle thing going on. And while it may have been funny, it wasn't... Xander could see the sharp teeth and what looked like sharp thorns embedded in the tentacles.

"Okay, hold it right there! Don't you know there's a tentacle limit in th is dimension?! Let's see your passport mister! You're looking at least two tickets..." The demon paused to actually look at him, well Xander was hoping those were eyes, then... Oh Xander recognized that look... Demon. Monster. Human. Didn't matter. He knew that look. He pushed Wesley to the right and h e dove left.

Wesley had barely straightened up when Xander shoved him to the side. Two of the larger tentacles crashed down right where they had been, ripping up carpet and flooring. Slime flew everywhere as it roared, splashing the girls , Wesley and Xander. The girls screamed more, one of them grabbing at Wesley 's jacket and begging him to save them.

"Get your friends out of here," Wesley growled at them, shoving the girls towards the door.

Then he stood and waded in. Time to distract and destroy. He deflected a flailing tentacle, feeling it catch on the arm of his jacket, and brought th e machete down. A smaller tentacle fell to the floor and more slime gushed o ut, a dark green to clash wonderfully with the purple skin. The demon reache d out with one... arm?... and grabbed Wesley by the front of his jacket. He felt himself being lifted off the floor and hacked wildly at the arm holding him. Somehow this was not turning out to just containing the thing until re -enforcements could arrive.

"Bloody... *hack*... sodding... *hack*... Hell!"

"Put. Down. My. BOYFRIEND!!!" Xander roared and exploded into attack, axe s windmilling. A tentacle there. A hunk of flesh there. He pruned his way th rough the mass, all the while growling. "All I wanted was dinner and a movie ! Just some time with my boyfriend! Some fun time... Naked fun time! All I w anted was dinner and a movie, and some sex!..." Bits and pieces of creature flew in all directions... "But nooooooooooooo! Nothing gets to be easy! Dinn er and a Movie! That was it!" The demon was down, what tentacles it had left curling up on themselves. Green slime. Purple snot. Everywhere. Xander drop ped one of the axes and started a two handed swing into the demon's mid sect ion. "And your mother dresses you funny! I mean come on- Purple and Green?!"

Wesley, once again on the floor, unwrapped the severed hand from his coat . He tossed it aside and jumped up, half worried of getting in Xander's way. Circling, he went to the other side and brought his machete down. The creat ure's head parted noisily from its body, one more gout of slime shooting acr oss the room. He sighed heavily, shoulders slumping and looked at his enrage d... boyfriend. Heedless of the sniffling girls, he reached out and jerked X ander close, placing a short, hard kiss on his lips.

"Thank you," he said. One of the girls giggled a bit hysterically and he blushed. Shaking his head, he turned to them. "Are any of you hurt?" They al l shook their heads, some still crying and clinging to their friends. "Thank God for that," he muttered. "All of you, into the kitchen. And could one o f you tell me what happened?"

"B-Bethany though it would be fun to try some spells," one girl said, wip ing her eyes.

"I didn't know this would happen!" Bethany, apparently, shrilled. "My sis ter says she's a witch! And she's always going on about the spirits and junk !"

Wesley groaned internally. "Did you use a book or a scroll?"

"A bo-book. I'm sorry!" Bethany wailed. "I got it from a magic shop on Cl ark! I didn't know!"

"Yeah, welcome..." Blinking, Xander just stood there for a second, coming back to himself.

Looking at the corpse, he came to the conclusion that he had kinda lost i t. Oh well, dead demon was the object of this exercise. And hell, he'd gotte n a kiss out of it. Better than a lot of his fights. ~Okay, saving the world has its own rewards... Fighting the good fight...yatta yatta yatta. Kissage wins.~ With a shrug and a smile, he wandered into the kitchen.

"Can I get some water?" he asked of the still squawking group of girls. J ust another day in the life of a Scooby.

One of the girls, calmer than the rest, nodded and got Xander a bottle of water. "Um... is he really your boyfriend?"

Xander twisted the bottle open and took a long drink, partly to hide his embarrassment. ~Yeah, I kinda shouted that out didn't I?~ He looked at the e xpectant girl. "Uhm yeah, I'm working on it."

"Cool," she said and a couple of the girls giggled. "You guys do this a l ot?"

"Yup." Xander nodded cautiously. Teenage girls. Where's a damn demon when you need one? He looked at Wesley panic in his eyes.

Wesley looked over to where Xander had been cornered by the girls. He tri ed very hard to hide his smile behind a stern expression. It was failing, he was sure. Xander just looked so mortified.

"Xander? Let's go examine the demon. Girls, you stay in here please." He led the way back to the living room, a whispered 'he's so cute!' making him chuckle.

Xander followed closely on Wesley's heel. ~See me not run. M'not running. Oh God, please let them stay in there! Maybe if I duck out the door. Deadbo y and crew should be here soon. They can do the cleanup. Yeah... that's...~ His rapid fire planning came to an abrupt stop, when he ran smack into Wesle y. Okay, maybe he had been following a little to close.

"Uhm heh. Hey."

"Hey," Wesley said, absently wrapping an arm around Xander. Something wa sn't right in here. Wesley let go and picked up a book. 'Natural Magik'. A h armless bit of New Age fluff. So many little paperbacks like this were full of harmless and non-working love spells, fairy spells, herbal remedies. It f rustrated him that they were so popular.

"It wasn't the book," he muttered and pushed the demon over with one foot . Underneath the slimy body was a rather bent and mangled Ouija board. He pi cked it up by one corner. "Here's our culprit."

Looking around more, Wesley spied the notepad the girls had been using. T he usual girlish things covered it. Apparently the note taker liked a boy na med Brendon and they had tried to call upon the spirit of Aaliyah. There was , however, a bit in R'hylec he thought. That could explain the demon.

"The demon's name was Brendon?" Xander kicked at the corpse. "Sissy!"

Wesley shook his head smiling. "No. Someone's crush is named that. The de mon's name... Well I'm not going to say it. We certainly don't need another one joining the fun."

He looked around and sighed. The girls were in the kitchen, the parents G od knew where, the living room was a mess and his date had taken a turn to t he slimy. Wesley desperately wanted a hot shower, a drink and... the others to show up so he could go have them. Preferably with Xander.

"I don't have to clean this up do I?" Xander toed the corpse again. He lo oked nervously over his shoulder. Teenaged heads kept peeking around the doo r jam, and Xander could hear whispered giggles. The theme of 'Jaws' started to thread through his brain. "Where the hell are Deadboy and the minions?!"< /P>

"I *AM* not a minion!" Gunn cautiously stepped over the smashed door, bal ancing his axe. He did a quick visual sweep, and relaxed out of battle stanc e. Shrugging toward Angel, he said, "he's our minion."

Rolling his eyes, Angel stood in the door frame leaning against the invis ible barrier. "Sorry we're late. That it?"

"Yes. We were delayed. Are there any more?" Groo asked, pushing past Ange l and looking around.

"That'd be it." The giggling grew louder from the kitchen. Xander sighed, "Deadboy? Never thought *I'd* ever say this, but glad you're here." He star ted to run a hand through his hair. His hair was sticky. "Oh man, I got slim ed!" Oh and that wasn't all. His hair seemed chunky. Xander plucked the chun k from his hair, and held it at arms length, before dropping it and doing th e ewwwww dance. "Shower! NOW! Let's go Wes!"

Wesley nodded and gestured for Angel to move. "We're leaving. This..." He thumped the slimy Ouija board and notepad against Angel's chest, "Is the cu lprit. Do not try to read any of it out loud. Take it and burn it. Bethany i s the girl who lives here. The teens await you in the kitchen. Do not, under any circumstances that don't involve Conner, call me again tonight. Good lu ck, gentlemen, and good night." He dragged Xander down the lawn, ignoring an y protests from the house.

Wes was handing him Betty, when Xander heard Angel calling the other man' s name. He smiled. Wes was ignoring tall, dark and dead. His smile evaporate d. Angel was calling his name now. Turning, Xander saw the vampire come down the walk and stop about ten feet from them.


"Leaving now! Shower time."

"I need to talk to you..."

"No... no, you don't."


Oh didn't that voice carry the weight of centuries. Xander scowled, but b efore he could respond Angel hit him with a 'please'. That. That was new. He sighed heavily, looked at Wesley briefly.

"I'll be right back." He wandered over toward the vampire and together th ey walked a little further down the block.

Wesley tucked the weapons away after wiping them on the grass. He tried v ery hard not to watch, to worry. That struggle lasted seconds and he gave up and stared frankly at the other men. It started with Xander staring blankly at Angel, the vampire obviously worried about something. Then Xander shook his head slowly, face starting to show anger. Whatever he said to Angel made the vampire almost reel. Wesley sighed. This was not the time nor the place for the two of them to get into an argument.

For a second, he thought it was over, Angel just nodding then his broad f ace contorted in anger and he jabbed a finger at Xander. When Xander jabbed back, Wesley was sure he was going to have to go break it up. They both yell ed more, Wesley only catching the words 'Sunnydale', 'Buffy' and 'shut the f uck up'. Then Xander spun and stormed back over. Wesley looked at him for a long beat, then handed the pink helmet over. Whatever had happened could wai t.

"Ready then?" He asked quietly.

Slinging his leg over the back of the bike, Xander just nodded tightlippe d and pale in anger. Angel was calling his name. Walking over toward them. " Go. Wes. Now."

Wesley got on the bike, not bothering with his helmet at the moment, and roared it to life. He shot out wide around Angel and tried not to notice how upset the vampire looked. As he drove through the streets, he could feel Xa nder fairly vibrating. It seemed to be the last straw in the night. The date was ruined and he had his job and friends to blame.

Xander threaded his arm through the helmet rather than put it on. With th e goo in his hair, he'd never get it back off. He tightened his hold around Wes, trying to calm down. All he had wanted was dinner and a movie. Just som e time with a person who was becoming special to him. And Angel? Angel might as well have hammered the final nail in the coffin that was this date. He soooooo didn't need that crap from the walking dead.

Grimacing and shaking his head, Xander refused. He refused to give in... Angel, Deadboy, didn't have any place on this bike. Didn't have a place on t his date. Wes and he had agreed on that earlier. And dammit, the night was s till young, if somewhat slimier. Xander spied a clear patch of skin on Wesle y's neck. Time to exorcise the demon and to find their way back. He nuzzled the bit of skin, and let his hands get free and easy-ish with Wesley's chest .

A tremor ran down Wesley's back at Xander's breath across his neck. He ga sped outright when one questing hand ran across his bitten nipple. They were fast clearing the suburbs and heading into the city. If Xander kept that up , they'd be the next wreck in the L.A. evening traffic.

Making a quick decision as he felt teeth grazing his neck, Wesley jerked the bike onto a side street and into an alley. He just wanted a good hard k iss and then they could get back to the hotel and maybe he could ask Xander what happened with Angel. Instead, he felt himself turning off the bike, thr owing the kickstand down. Turning partway around he opened his mouth to say something and found himself kissing Xander as if his life depended on it.

~Good tactical decision, Wes...~ Xander met the desperate passion in Wesl ey's kiss with a measure of his own. They had been kept separated too long b y time and circumstances. Starving for each other, just too polite to drop t he civilized mask and go at it like crazed weasels. He freed his arm, droppi ng Betty to the pavement, clawed at Wesley's belt. Hellmouth or high water, they were having sex now!

Xander broke the kiss roughly, his hand still working Wes' belt loose, an d growled, "Hands on the handlebars... And Wes? Turn the bike back on."

His breath hitching, Wesley did as he was told. One better even, by pulli ng the main bike stand down, hauling the bike up. No danger of tipping there . His hand shook around the key as he throttled the bike back to life. As he leaned forward to grasp the handle bars, the vibrations and Xander's workin g hands made him hard. Harder, perhaps than he'd been in a long time. So har d and desperate for Xander's touch, hard enough that Prim and Proper Wesley was going to have sex in a dirty alley. Now. However Xander wanted it.

"Oh yeaaaaaaaah..." Xander sighed.

The bike was purring and so was he... Finally, victory over the belt and zipper guardians was achieved, and Xander had his hands on some very fine En glish jewels. ~Oh and that feels like a scepter!~ He wrapped one hand gently around the shaft and gave it a caressing stoke, while the other hand played with Wesley's balls. Another slow pull on Wesley's cock and Xander slid his hand to cup the head, letting his thumb rub and play with the leaking slit. Xander groaned, rocking himself forward against Wes and backward against th e vibrating crotch rocket. With a raspy breath, Xander let go of Wesley to free himself from clothes confinement. Mr. Happy wanted parole and damn, if wasn't gonna get it... Approved! Xander fumbled his pants open, bracing hims elf not to topple off the bike.

Wesley was panting, eyes closed, body shaking with need. He didn't know h ow they were going to do this. He didn't care. Not that they were filthy, on the bike or vaguely in public. He had a fleeting thought, a recurring one r eally, wondering if Xander had some sort of power that stole his voice and c louded his mind. It happened every time the younger man touched him. Hell, i t happened on the phone a couple of times. Had he really thought phone sex w as unpleasant and embarrassing before Xander? He couldn't clearly remember. He just simply wanted and the man he wanted was doing what...? He turned his head to look.

Sighing in relief, Xander stroked the now free Mr. Happy. He leaned back as he noticed Wesley's gaze and continued to stroke himself lazily for his a udience. Full palm stoke alternated with the two finger ok doke stroke. Bala nced on the bike, it felt good. When a cool breeze cut through the alley and he felt his heated skin tighten, it felt better than good. One hand, bored, skimmed under his shirt and pinched a nipple. That was better. Then it hopp ed, skimmed and raked nails down Wes' back. Oh that was best.

Entranced by his private show, Wesley could do nothing but stare. Pleasur ing himself, letting Wesley watch that lustful face, that beautiful cock... wicked. Defiantly wicked. Especially when Xander's free hand burrowed under his jacket and clawed his back. He hissed and arched into the touch. The vib rations of the bike had his own cock leaking steadily and he couldn't help a small whine.


"Yeah, We-" The sound of a car at the other end of the alley made Xander straighten, starting to pull his coat forward. The headlights disappeared a s the car turned back onto the road, and Xander's heartbeat back down to tri ple time from out of control. "Ya know, Wes... I think it's time to get this show on the road." With a smirk, Xander pulled and fished something out of his wallet. "Ready to ride?" He smiled wildly and presented a lubricated con dom.

"God yes!" Wesley breathed. He looked around for a bit, then hoisted his feet onto the pegs. "Get that on and I'll get these down." He muttered, pull ing his jeans off his hips.

Then he chuckled. If that car had come just a bit later, they would have gotten a nice, pale English moon. As it was, with him bent over the gas tank , ass up, it was funny. Potentially arrest worthy as well, not that he cared one wit at this moment.

With a haste granted to only the really horny, Xander got the condom on, and with a combination of gathered precome and spit, started opening Wesley up with his fingers. Adrenaline and lust combined, Xander was too jazzed up to take it slow any longer. He made sure take the time to rub Wes' magic spo t a few, okay dozen, times. Then it was show time. Xander couldn't wait any more, he was so hard his entire body ached... from his toenails to his goopy hair.

With a full body shudder, Xander gripped Wesley's hips and guided his coc k in. "Throttle's open. Let's hit the gas."

Wesley bit a clean spot on his jacket to muffle his cries. That sweet goo d burn filled him as Xander slid in. Like the bite around his nipple, this w as a pleasurable hurt. His hips jerked as he tried to settle himself, let hi s body adjust. Fast and hard was what he wanted, though. He pressed back, pu shing Xander in deeper.

"Please, Xander..." Sometimes that seemed like all he could say. "More... "

"So polite..." Xander gasped and slammed the rest of the way home.

Gripping Wesley's hips so tight bruises were assured, Xander rocked his h ips in rhythm to the bike's purr, jabbing in and sliding out. Tight, hot and oh so sweet, that it hurt. Xander had to bite his lip to hold back the howl . It was too good. Wes felt too good. As if made for him, and him for Wes. < /P>

He tilted his head and was almost stunned into orgasm by the vision of th e scene. Wesley bent over, still gripping the bikes' handle bars, sweater pu shed up and exposing ivory skin covered muscle. Xander's cock gliding in and out... of Wesley. Seeing it. Feeling it. Frantically, Xander increased the pace, moaning. He couldn't hold back. It was perfection, or the closest he'd ever get to it.

His face screwed up tight, Wesley bit his coat again. If he didn't years of muffled cries would shout out. He wanted to though, shout, scream, call X ander's name. Just not here, not where the police could come and wouldn't th at just be the way tonight? So he bit harder, panted through his nose and gr ipped the handlebars tight. Xander's fast pace drove him forward with each t hrust, his cock pressed against the gas tank. The vibrations thrummed throug h him, quiet moans escaping through leather biting teeth.

Xander upped the stakes, slamming into Wesley harder and faster. The unde rthrum of the bike, Wes' soft moans, the wet hot sounds of sex... The wet ho t feel of Wesley's insides... Xander was gonna pop like a rocket on blastoff day. As sweet as dragging out the 'pleasure moment' through slow erotic tor ture could be, some times a fast hard screw was the only way to scratch that itch. The fact that anyone, pedestrian or motorist, could walk right on to them looking for a shortcut, just amped Xander's adrenaline more.

Not so shy, the animals in his skull wanted someone to come along. Wanted witnesses to this act. Someone to see that this beautiful man had given him self to Xander. That he was Xander's, if only in this moment. Xander hissed and let loose with a short harsh strangled bark. Adjusting his grip on Wesle y's hips, he pulled his lover back against him, never loosing his rhythm.

"Gonna cum... Wes, I-" Another short labored groan, and Xander buried his teeth into the back of Wes' neck, muffling his howl in the other man's skin .

Wesley arched back hard as Xander bit him, a cry passing his lips. His ey es flew open and his whole body began to shake as he felt the coming rush of orgasm. Xander was surging in him, biting everything just right. His finger s were digging holes in Wesley's hips, his teeth biting hard. He caught a gl impse of Xander in the side mirrors, body hunched over his, moving furiously . A bigger thrill ran along his nerves at the sight. Xander, working his who le body just for Wesley.

"Yes, Xander love... oh God..." He clamped his mouth shut hard again, tee th clacking, as he came, shooting across the gas tank.

Xander ground himself against Wesley, trying to get as deep as possible e ven though he was loosing control of his body, of his mind. He wanted to mel d with his lover in this moment, as his body shuddered and locked. Wesley wa s coming for him, without even a hand to help... Again the word perfect floa ted across his brain, just before it's orgasm holiday. They had crossed the finish line. The checkered flag had waved, and it was 'Goodnight Gracie' tim e.

Wesley's breath came in hitching sobs as his body just... undid. His lock ed jaw had come open, his stiffened arms were collapsing, his legs felt like over boiled noodles. Letting his head hang, he shifted, nearly sitting in X ander's lap. Words tried to come out and failed, so he wrapped an arm back a nd around his lover instead. Here, in this alley, and it was... perfect.

Sliding his arms around Wesley, Xander hugged him closer, nuzzling the bi te mark he'd left. He was little surprised he hadn't taken a chunk out of hi s lover's neck, the force he had bitten with had been on the extreme side. W esley would have another mark, though that was certain. He chuckled warmly, and ran his fingers lightly over his lover's belly, just happy to be there, in an alley with Wes. Warm and comfy feeling glowed inside him, and Xander t hought this must be the best place to be in the world, as long as it was wit h Wes. He needed to tell the other man that... However, Xander's first attem pt at speech sounded more like he was choking, because he was... choking.

Wesley tried to whip around and failed. Between the half lowered state of his pants and Xander's body against his, he could only get his head around. "Xander?" His voice was alarmed. "Xander? Are you all right?"

Wheezing, Xander coughed and tried to clear his throat. He coughed hard e nough to bring tears to his eyes, but finally got a full lung's worth of air . He sagged against Wesley for a few moments just breathing. "Oh yeah. Dandy . Just swallowed wrong and tried to choke on my own saliva," he sighed, "I m entioned I was a spaz, right?"

"I do believe you mentioned it once or twice," Wesley said, relaxing agai n. "I didn't buy it until the little dance back at the house." He put his he ad back on Xander's shoulder. "Just glad you weren't choking to death."

"No. I know a man can't die of embarrassment, 'cause look still here..." He grinned wryly, "One day I'll get the hang of swallowing and breathing wit h out cutting off the breathing part."

"Please do. I'd like you to be around for a while," Wesley said, turning his head to place a small kiss on Xander's cheek.

Redirecting Wesley with a gentle fingertip to the chin, Xander took that sweet small kiss on the lips. "See what I can do," he smiled.

"Please do," Wesley muttered again. The flash of another set of headlight s made him jerk forward. "Blast. Perhaps we should go."

"Yeah, I still want to shower, before this slime sets and becomes a perma nent part of me." Xander sat back gingerly, disposed of the condom, and did his pants up. "Ooops, better not forget Betty." He leaned down and scooped t he pink lady up and laced his arm through the helmet. "Oh before final desti nation? I need to stop by my car and get my over night bag..."

Doing up his own jeans, Wesley nodded. "Right. A quick pit stop at the Hy perion and the... well hell. Back to the other hotel then. I imagine their s hower is bigger than mine." He swiped his hand across the sticky gas tank an d shoved the stand down. It took both of them to walk the bike out of the al ley backwards, but soon they were on their way.

The trip took less than no time. The earlier traffic had all but evaporat ed. No one was on the road. The bike pulling to a halt actually jolted Xande r back to the present, wrapped around Wes he had actually phased out a littl e. "Oh look, back at Hellmouth II, the annex. Oh sorry, your offices..."

"Yes, my offices," Wesley said. He set the bike up and turned, kissing Xa nder thoroughly. "But I forgive the comment as, well some days it's true."

Smirking, Xander pulled his tired body off the bike. He wandered down the block a little, then stopped confused and looked around. His hand was half way to his head to scratch, when he remembered the goop, and forced it back down. They needed to achieve shower now, the demon goop was starting to dry.

With a sigh, he walked back past Wesley and a bit further down the block the other way. Okay, something was wrong. Way wrong. He wandered back toward Wesley, even more confused.

Wesley watched the little pacing ritual and frowned. "Something wrong?"

"Wes?" Xander look down the street, both to the right and to the left. "W es, where's my car?" He repeated the scan, and half turned his body to point . "I parked right by that streetlight. Right out in front here." He turned b ack, mournful eyes begging Wesley, "Wes, where's my car?"

Wesley looked up and down the street. "Bugger."

The End

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