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S/X, Lies, and Fiction (or "sxcrit") List

This is a list directly associated with this website, for people who want to get or offer help in writing Spike/Xander fiction, or just discuss the process of reading, writing, critiquing it. Below is the FAQ, which spells out more specifically what the list is and is not for. You can join this list by going to

    S/X, Lies, and Fiction FAQ

  1. This is a discussion list for assisting writers with their Spike/Xander slash stories. Anything that doesn't relate to this endeavor is probably off-topic. MATURE TOPICS ARE ALLOWED. THIS INCLUDES SEX, VIOLENCE, AND GRAMMAR. If something offends you, delete it. See below for clarifications.

  2. This is intended to be a participatory list. There are no posting requirements, but the list members are the resource. We're here to help each other, which means we can't just all ask for help. We have to give it, as well.

  3. You do not have to be a writer, to join and participate! Readers and reviewers and critiquers are as important! However, if you are here just to read early drafts, snippets, and other whatnots, without offering any assistance to the writers, then please consider waiting for the final stories to be posted on other fiction lists.

  4. This is not a fiction list. However, obviously we post fiction here. What should be posted here?

    • Rough drafts, snippets, plot suggestions, summaries, bunnies
    • Revisions, URLs to find stories, rough draft, final draft for pre-posting reviews
    • Requests for betas.
    • Questions relating to a story (research help, writing help, canon help, anything that you need to help you write the story).
    • Reviews of stories, snippets, drafts.
    • Recommendations of stories available elsewhere.
    • Discussion of episodes and other official material as they relate to S/X.
    • Anything that promotes, assists, inspires, or relates to writing S/X stories. (Pictures should be uploaded to the shared files, NOT posted to the list.)

    What should not be posted here?

    • Final final final ready-to-post drafts. These go on the fiction lists (nummytreats or UCSL and the like.)
    • Challenges. Announcements for new lists EXCEPT critical discussion of fanfic lists, like this one and FCA-L.
    • General discussion of episodes, actors, and non-BtVS anything EXCEPT as it relates to writing S/X stories.
    • Anything that does not relate to writing S/X fiction.


  5. No flaming is allowed. Negative critique is. What's the difference, you ask?

    Flaming: "You moron, that is the dumbest thing I've read."
    Unhelpful Negative critique: "That is the dumbest thing I've ever read."
    Helpful negative critique: "I don't think Spike would do that."

    For more clarification, see Feedback/Critique

  6. If you have a problem, email the listowners privately. Problems arising off-list are not our responsibility. Problems arising on-list are. Do not take it upon yourself to chastise someone for breaking a list rule. If you have a complaint, please let the listowners know privately.

  7. No actor fic. Under-age fic is allowed.

  8. This list is a forum in which mature topics will be discussed. This include sex, violence, and grammar. If something offends you, delete it.


If you would like a complete betaing of your story, please request one on-list. Do not post a story to the list and expect a line-by-line beta. You are free to post an entire story to the list and request feedback.

You may post snippets or plot summaries about which you have specific questions, and URLs where listmembers can find fiction to read OR review. You may request critique, feedback, reviews of rough drafts and final drafts. Final drafts which are for reading only should not be posted; you can, however, post a notice saying the story is available.

Just so nobody gets confused:

There are two mailing lists associated with this website.

S/X, Lies, and Fiction or "sxcrit" is a discussion list. Talk about writing, post parts of stories for critique. No final, for-reading-only, versions of stories should be posted.

S/X and Violence or "sxandv" is a fiction-only list. NO discussion, no critique, no onlist feedback. ONLY final versions of S/X stories, announcements that a story has been posted on a website, or zine publication announcements, should be posted. You can find out more about that list on the mailing lists page.

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