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by Siege

review by Othercat

Rated NC-17; S6 AU (WIP?)

Here's the story. It's season six, Anya has become a vengeance demon, and happens to overhear a wish that Spike makes. Shortly after this wish is made, Xander finds himself back in time, with a Spike who's a combination of his past and future self. Unchipped. Xander is pretty slow to realize how horrible his situation is, but Spike is quick to show him that Xander has no idea of how horrible it can get.

There are some flaws in the execution of this story, but not huge ones. The major problem is that the transition between present and past is so abrupt that you have no idea of what's just happened. Also, it would have been helpful if the "Anya is now a Vengeance Demon" had been introduced earlier in the story. Lesser problems are the way the writer has chosen to handle the time-travel concept, some bad characterization, (the accent Angelus is speaking in sounds more Scottish than Irish, and Xander's IQ points have plummeted) and she hasn't updated the story in forever.


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