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Tiny Smiles Series

by Saber Shadowkitten
review by James W.

Rated PG-13; Season 4/5 AU

This is a series of stories wherein Spike and Xander move in together, fall in love, live happily ever after, and have sex. More or less kinda in that order but not really. It's mostly fluff and fun, with an emphasis on silly and happy, rather than drama and angst. That isn't to say there is no drama or angst, just that the overall impact is one of fluff. It's cotton candy slash.

The characterisations of both Spike and Xander are skewed towards the parts of themselves which allow for a fluffy, happy, light series. Spike is more William than the persona of Spike, Evil Dude. Xander is supportive, adorable, and frustrated by trying not to move too fast for a shy Spike.

Overall, it's a fun, happy, sappy series. Don't look too closely to things like "is this the Spike from season x," though.

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