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Recommendations and Reviews

So, why is there no story archive on this site? Surely, we hear you saying, you should have no trouble finding stories for a slash pairing as popular as Spike/Xander? Well, yes. That's rather the point.

The BtVS fandom is swarming with Spike/Xander stories, and there are already two very large archives specifically for Spike/Xander fiction: Tsubame's Hidden Desires and Midnight Kisses, which while selective based on the taste of the webmistress, is huge, and very comprehensive, and Moist & Delicious, the archive for the Nummytreats mailing list, which allows authors to upload their own stories. At this time, at least, it seems like duplicated effort to attempt a similarly comprehensive archive for this site -- for a wealth of Spike/Xander stories, we suggest visiting those archives, plus the others listed on the links page. The Buffy Fanfiction Archive is also searchable by pairing, and contains a number of Spike/Xander stories.

There's also a choice that we'd rather not make right now, tied to the fact that we moderate a fiction-only S/X list as part of this site. If we archive from that list, either we set ourselves up as arbiters of quality, picking some stories posted on the list and not others, with all the attendant hurt feelings and "Why did you archive her story and not mine?" that goes along with it, or we archive everything -- and at that point, we loop back to the duplication issue.

Instead of an archive on this site, we offer a list of S/X fiction recommendations and reviews, from the members of the S/X, Lies and Fiction list, the S/X and Violence livejournal community, and readers of this site. We also provide links to S/X-heavy recommendation pages found elsewhere. Yes, these are opinions, and you can take or leave them as you like -- but the hope is that the variety of sources will give you a balanced idea of which stories people enjoy reading, and why.

Reviews and Longer Recommendations

Reviews of posted S/X (or S/X/other) stories are welcome, if the reviewer can provide both a link to the story, and an e-mail address for responses to be sent to the reviewer. Critique is welcome; flames are not. See the Guidelines for how to submit. These are listed chronologically by review; the newest are at the bottom of the list.

Collected S/X Recommendations from Te.


Review: Needs by Jameschick. Review by Othercat.

Review: Precious by MJ Gage. Review by Othercat.

Review: Repossession by Lazuli Kat. Review by Mad Poetess.

Review: Sidelines by Anna S. Review by James W.

Review: Tiny Smiles Series by Saber Shadowkitten. Review by James W.

Review: The Travelling Red Velvet Curtain by Sajinn. Review by Othercat.

Review: Xanpet by Siege. Review by Othercat.

Pocket Recs:

Must-Read S/X stories as suggested by the sxcrit list and livejournal community members, with little or no commentary.


Bad for You by the Spike

Beach by Te and the Spike

The Boglescatverse by Wiseacress (WIP; unofficial title) New!

Brass Knackers series by Saber Shadowkitten

Chocolatey Goodness by the Mad Poetess

Hush and Tentative Steps by Acid Raine

Lacrimosa by Sally

Lost Soul by Michael. Recommended by Silvercobwebs.

Night Watch by the Webrain (Te, Spike, and Debchan)

Nummy Treat by Jet

Post-Grad by Te

The Prawnverse by Wiseacress (unofficial title, though fic is complete) New!

Reconstruction and Restoration by Wordsmith. Recommended by Djinanna.

Sands of Time by Wolfling and James Walkswithwind

The Stranger's Portrait by Rowan (Spike-only, but very good characterisation.)

Sweet Revenge by Jackson. Recommended by Anna.

The Viking Series by Kaz

Links to other S/X-themed recommendations pages

Collected S/X Recommendations from Kimberly A. (New!)

Drawn to Darkness: A recommendations site for Xander/Spike and Wesley/Angel slash.

Mad Poetess' S/X/Other recommendations: threesomes, foursomes, moresomes. Both S/X/male and S/X/female.

Mad Poetess' general S/X recommendations.

Wesleysgirl's Recs: BtVS and Angel slash recs, heavy on the S/X.

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