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The Travelling Red Velvet Curtain

by Sajinn
review by Othercat

Rated PG-13; Season 6

This is a very cold, remote story that I ended up reading more to see where the writer was going with this, than because I was enjoying myself. I could of course be reacting to the narrative style she chose, which was a clinical third person, without dialog, which rendered the story lifeless and dull.

In this story, Spike has nothing better to do than take advantage of Xander's apathy. He insinuates himself first into Xander's life, then his bed, without any apparent reason.

Xander allows himself to be seperated from his friends, or his friends push him away, from the narrative, it appears to be a little of both. I felt the Buffy and Willow in this story were out of character, and borderline "Bitchy!" characters. The ending of the story wasn't quite what I expected, given the characterization the writer gives Spike, who doesn't quite live up to the "force of nature" the writer names him in her summary.

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