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Writing Resources

  • Character Resources

    • BtVS Writers Guild
      General center for fanfic resources in the Buffyverse. Includes facts and figures, schematics, canon, and links. The main content is the various character, pairing, and genre zones.

    • Fists and Fangs:
      The Spike character zone of the BtVS Writers Guild. A wonderful collection of information, essays, and visual stimulation.

    • Saber's Guide to Writing Spike and...
      Fighting, smut, Spike speak, Angelus speak, slash, torture, you name it. A very helpful series of essays dealing directly with how to write all aspects of Spike's life.

    • British-American/American-British Dictionary
      Just what it looks like. Contains some colourful language, but not too graphic. Good resource for Spike, Giles, and Wesley speak -- but be careful to remember that the three characters *don't* have the same speech patterns, just because they're all British.

    • Oi, Yanks! No!
      Gunbunny's guide (with help from other Brit writers) to Britishness, for American writers. Funny, written by BtVS slashers, and very useful.

    • All About
      A Spike-centric (and redemption-centric) story archive that also includes a number of fine essays on Spike's character development.

    • I Need A Parrot:
      The Xander character zone of the BtVS Writers Guild. Large archive of Xander stories, plus character writing tips, pairing essays, and Xander resource links.

    • Nicholas Brendon - the Devotion
      More Xanderworship: info, goodies, pictures.


  • Buffyverse Resources

    • BuffyWorld
      Extensive BtVS and Angel episode guides, transcripts (mostly from Psyche's site, so if you're looking for a fairly new transcript, check Psyche first), images, and other resources so that you can find out all about the episodes you haven't seen, but long to write about, or just haven't seen in a while.

    • BuffyGuide
      Extensive BtVS episode guide (somewhat behind, but catching up), with detailed comments, reviews, images, and additional resources.

    • The Buffy Cross and Stake and An Angel's Soul
      Good resources for episode info, character backgrounds, photographs, and if you're in the mood to try to outjoss Joss, and write a story based on possible spoilers, the spoiler boards are a great place to go for rumours.

    • And You Thought You Were Obssessed with BtVS
      Much goodness in the way of picture galleries and episode guides. And tattoos on BtVS and Angel characters, you say? Detailed pictures.

    • Buffyverse Canon vs. Fanon
      This is a large list of canon and fanon information in much the same vein as the S/X canon-v-fanon section on our site -- except it's devoted to characters and concepts in the whole Buffyverse. Quite a few BtVS/Angel fans, including your hostesses, helped compile it, and the Bratqueen was crazy devoted enough to edit and host it. Go read this - it lists names, dates, episodes... Everything you always wanted to know, but didn't want to go looking through 7 years of scripts to find out.

    • The BtVS/Angel Canon Livejournal Community
      This is a community where, if you are a Livejournal user, you can post Buffyverse canon questions, and other users will try to find the answers, or point you to the right source (as well as discuss/cuss/argue whether X is really true, since Xander said Y two seasons later). You don't have to be a Livejournal user to comment/answer, though you do have to be a user to make a question post in the first place. However, if you aren't an LJ user and would still like to post a question in the community, feel free to e-mail it to us and we'll post it for you. (I guarantee the community owner won't mind, because that would be me. ~MP)


  • Slash Sex Resources

    • Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers
      Everything you ever wanted to know about gay sex, in two formats -- the classic sex tips site, and the new Q&A site. There's also the Slash Page Database Project, which is a place to find slash sites, and list your own.

    • The Gay Sex Guide
      Pretty much what the title implies. Tips, descriptions, pictures. NC-17 and then some. Written for gay men, not slash writers, so it's an interesting perspective, and worth visiting.

    • The Gay Sex Tips Livejournal Community
      Also pretty much what the title implies, but this one, we'd suggest browsing and lurking, not posting fic-related questions, as it's very much a community for actual gay men to discuss real-life issues.


  • Fanfiction and General Writing Resources

    • Fanfic Critics Association (mailing list)
      For those interested in more fun. The FCA is not fandom specific, but the list is great fun and an extremely good resource for those wanting to critique fanfic, discuss critique, and simply be free to rant and rave about improving the quality of fanfiction.

    • Fanfic Symposium
      A collection of essays and discussion on writing and reading fanfiction, both general, and fandom-specific. [New!]

    • The Craft of Writing Macedon talks about how to write, what makes good writing good and what makes bad writing not good.

    • Arduinna's Propylaeum is a treasure trove of rants, essays, and resources for improving one's writing as well as avoiding irritating a certain portion of readers. (The views expressed are quite common among fen, if not often expressed publically.)

    • Common Errors In English is a well-loved list of mistakes that writers -- even native writers -- often make, and explanations of the correct usage. Lose vs. loose. Prostate vs. prostrate. Words you think you know. Go there. Oh, please, go there.

    • Writerisms and Other Sins A very interesting essay by science fiction and fantasy writer C.J. Cherryh, that highlights several basic writing problems that even professional writers have been known to fall prey to. It's useful even if you just read it to get an idea of the way one pro writer works and thinks.

    • The Little Details Livejournal Community
      A wonderful community for asking all kinds of factual questions that one might need to know for background/plot in stories. It's a community specifically for writers, original or fanfic, and while users are encouraged to do as much research of their own as possible before asking for help, the members are both polite and helpful in adding their experience/knowledge to one's own research.

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