Poll #6 -- July 25th, 2003 to May 11th 2004

So how are S/X lovers dealing with the ending (and finale plot) of the BtVS series? [480 votes total, but this poll permitted multiple answers.]

BtVS is OVER? What the hell? Why does nobody tell me these things? (9) 2%
"The series finale went differently" AU stories. (35) 7%
Post-Chosen Spike/Xander stories. Yay miraculous resurrections! (57) 12%
Deal with what? Spike's not dead; he's just sleeping. In a lot of different pieces places. (30) 6%
I SAID Spike's not dead, bitch. Don't make me beat you with my autographed poster. (37) 8%
Go away; you're interfering with my drinking. (17) 4%
Desperately cruising the Angel spoiler sites. (36) 8%
Writing threatening letters.. I mean, polite requests, to Joss. (7) 1%
Indulging in my Xander/Andrew/Giles/Angel/Oz/Wes/Gunn/Cheeseman love. (13) 3%
New fandom! Did you hear there's this thing about Superman and this bald kid? (10) < 2%
New fandom! Look, pirates in eyeliner! (19) 4%
Quietly plotting my revenge. (13) 3%
Country music. The music of PAIN. (13) 3%
Flamewars. They're cathartic AND fun! (6) 1%
Free at last! Free at last! Thank god almighty, I'll never be jossed again! (9) 2%
Working on that Season 4 AU where none of this bad stuff ever happened to my babies. (32) 7%
Working on that Season 7 AU where even *worse* stuff happens to my babies! (15) 3%
I hate you! Why did you ask me this? My therapist said I was making *progress*! (21) 4%
Knitting. (11) 2%
Blood sacrifices to the god of spinoffs. I'm just sayin'. (34) 7%
Look, see? Spike moved! I told you he wasn't dead. (56) 12%


Post InfoTOPIC: Ms. Conflicted, Bwahaha
Posted By: DramaticalCat

Posted On: Oct 4, 2003
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Ms. Conflicted, Bwahaha

Damn it Joss! You killed Spike! Xander has one eye! Spike has a soul! Well, ever since the seventh season I have never been Jossed, it just went down the opposite path that I chose to take in fanficcing. I got Jossed ONCE seventh season (dammit, MY idea Willow should go to England, MINE), which is good...but I'd rather get Jossed more, because that would mean the show would be going my way. I like canon (hard to do with X/S, sure, but still) and he made it so very, very difficult. So YAY miraculous ressurections! At least there's rumor (or blatant previews) of Spike being on Angel. Anyway...

Despite miraculous ressurections (v. good, don't get me wrong) I have happily taken the trip down the river of denial.

Spike ain't dead.

What are you talkin' about?