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What's New

March 31st, 2006

Beta-reader update.

October 28th, 2005

Links section cleaned up, and 10 new author links + 1 illustrator link added.

September 11th, 2005

Beta readers list updated.

May 10th, 2005

New New author archive added to links (Winterlive).

April 20th, 2005

New New author archive added to links (Reremouse).

April 15th, 2005

New resource (Fanfic Symposium).

March 24th, 2005

Resources updated with corrected links.

March 12th, 2005

New resources.

February 28th, 2005

New S/X author archives on the links page.

February 7th, 2005

New S/X author archives on the links page.

January 14th, 2005

New essay: Why I Like Spike/Xander by Kimberly A.

November 29th, 2004

New beta reader, Kate.

November 3rd, 2004

New essay: A Guide to the Care and Feeding of Gay Xander.
More thoughts on gay (or bi) Xander -- this time about when he'd be more (or less) likely to engage in a homosexual relationship, in terms of canon jumping-off points.
By James W. and Mad Poetess.

October 22nd, 2004

New essay: The Evil of the Epithet
Cage-match: Spike and Xander vs. the bleached-blond vampire and the dark-haired boy. By Erin.

October 6th, 2004

*cough* Let us not speak of September. Links section corrected and updated with new archive links.

August 4th, 2004

Link to new S/X recommendations page added to Reviews section.

July 30th, 2004

New poll on main page.

July 9th, 2004

New beta reader: Brent.

June 30th, 2004

Updated various contact addresses, and FAQ for the sxandv list.

June 17th, 2004

Updated/corrected beta entry for Erin L.

May 11th, 2004

New poll.

May 10th, 2004

2 new pocket recs on the Recs&Reviews page.

May 4th, 2004

Corrections and updates to the Outside Resources page.

March 24th, 2004

New essay in the Spike section by James W.

March 22nd, 2004

3 new essays in the S/X section by Spuzz.

March 15th, 2004

New beta reader: Highlander II. New essay by Kimberly A.: Spike's Soul As Metaphor. Slight rearrangement of the essays page to divide it into more useful categories.

March 2nd, 2004

Three new S/X manipulations in the main image gallery.

January 20th thru 30th, 2004

Updated/corrected links on reviews and links pages. New beta reader: Erin L.

January 5th, 2004

Updated/corrected links page, including new S/X author links.

November 24th, 2003

New beta reader: Brynhild.

October 29th, 2003

New beta reader: Annie.

October 1st, 2003

New beta reader: DramaticalCat.

September 30th, 2003

Significantly revised S/X & Violence fiction list FAQ.

September 9th, 2003

New beta reader, Willa. Just, er. Don't ask about August. Please don't ask about August.

July 31st, 2003

New beta reader, Sparklingwriter.

July 25, 2003

New poll for July/August.

July 7, 2003

Three new beta readers: Spuzz, Michelle, and Morganlefae.

July 3, 2003

Two new beta readers, Lovessong and Nowt.

July 2, 2003

Two new beta readers, 1istener and Sophia. New wallpaper and livejournal icons.

June 10, 2003

New poll for June, 2003.

May 29th, 2003

Updated references on the cars, and ages sections of Canon vs. Fanon.

May 9th, 2003

The site has been down for slightly over a month, due to hosting issues. Most of the content has been re-created from backups, or replaced with new versions. (A few images have been permanently lost; everything else is back.) There's a new contact address as well.

New poll for May, on the front page. Two new Resources (TBQ's Buffyverse canon-v-fanon list, and the canon questions Livejournal community) under the Buffyverse heading. Updates to the Cars section of the Canon vs. Fanon page. New images and additional livejournal icons in the Galleries, plus various author URL updates on the Links page.

March 2nd, 2003

Added new March poll to main page; posted results of previous poll.

February 25th, 2003

Added three new reviews: Repossession, Xanpet, and Precious.

February 10th, 2003

Added new beta reader, Libby Rojas.

January 29th, 2003

Added new poll for February, and results of previous poll. Decided by a majority vote of two vs. 'everybody else who doesn't have to code this site' to make it a monthly poll instead of bi-weekly, since enough additional updates are flowing in to keep up the Guild requirements.

January 23rd, 2003

Added S/X recommendations from Te to Recs and Reviews page.

January 13th, 2003

Added new essay by Wiseacress -- "Spike/Xander: A Casual User's Guide." Removed QueenD from beta-reader list due to bouncing e-mails -- will happily re-add if she contacts us with a new addy. Added two new reviews, both by Othercat, for "The Travelling Red Velvet Curtain" by Sajinn and "Needs" by Jameschick -- plus several new quickie recommendations. Added Dirty Little Secrets, Subtle Salvation, Wordsmith Slash and Wackiness Ensues to links page, in the Personal S/X sites section.

January 4th, 2003

Added SX and Violence Livejournal Community.

December 19th, 2002

New beta reader: Kenovay. Slight tweak to the beta readers page: added character bullets for a quick-glance identification of betas who have particular facility with one character or the other.

December 10th, 2002

New S/X image added to the manipulated images section of the main gallery.

November 26th, 2002

One new essay - "Why Spike and Xander" by Djinanna -- a comparison of Spike's and Xander's character similarities, with a view to... bonding issues? Two new short reviews by James -- Saber's Tiny Smiles series, and Anna S.' Sidelines. Update d 'nicknames' through Sleeper. Updated Canon Fodder through Him.

Sigh --, who did the site stats, has folded, and we can't get at the old stats -- so the new bravenet counter is... a best guess. I rounded off to 25,000.

October 21st, 2002

Two new essays - "Big Gay Xander" by James, on the plausibility of Xander being canonically gay (or bi), even with Willow's gay-now-ness, and "S/X Abuse" by Lumenara Dhahm, which parallels the relationship choices that Spike and Xander have canonically made.

September 10th, 2002

Removed Firehorse from the beta readers list, added Ellie. (I think we have this karmic "may only have 10 beta readers" thing going on. Which is twice as many as the site needs in terms of Writers' Guild requirements, but it's still amusing. God/ess/unive rse/karma: "You may not have more than ten beta readers. Ye shall not have 11, neither shall ye have 9. And 12 is right out."

August 22, 2002

Added "Character Ages" to Canon vs. Fanon page.

August 20, 2002

Added new beta reader, Dragonmaster. Added 4 new links to outside S/X recommendation pages, on Recs&Reviews page. Finished (hopefully!) making the site look more or less the same in Netscape as it does in IE.

August 6, 2002

Added new S/X image by David Lee Milton to manipulated images page in main gallery.

July 28th, 2002

Removed Jacyn Rebekah as beta reader, at her request; much thanks for her help while she had the free time to do so.

July 8th, 2002

New beta reader, DsM.

June 19, 2002

Have actually been making updates since March, but haven't updated the What's New page. The concept being, do a bunch of updates, then make one big announcement -- only the bunch of updates was supposed to be done in a week, and RL kept intervening... and more content kept appearing... So, between March and June:

Added three new essays -- "Tiny Marshamallows," by Mer (on falling in love with one-liners and the concept of ex-tra-po-la-tion), "The Fanfic Two-Step" by the BratQueen (on what makes a good, believable fanfic) and "Shot Who" by Mad Poetess (questioning the argument that because slash is non-canonical anyway, we shouldn't care about characterization.)

Added new beta reader: Annuniel. Removed Ice, who has passed from us into the clutches of Smallville fandom. Sob.

Updated and rearranged Canon vs. Fanon. Each topic now has its own page, and there are significant additions to the Xander's Friends, Xander's Parents, and Cars pages.

Added three new outside resources: "Oi! Yanks! No!" (A guide to British expressions, customs, and dialect, written by British BtVS fanwriters specifically for American and other non-Brit writers), "Common Errors in English" (very useful word-usage site ) and "Writerisms and Other Sins" (essay from pro SF writer CJ Cherryh).

Cleaned up dead links on both Resources and Links pages, and added link to new S/X archive "Shadows and Dust."

March 13th, 2002

Added new beta reader: Mwrgana.

Updated Canon vs. Fanon with new chocolate sightings and nicknames.

January 26th-27th, 2002

Site redesign.

Added new beta reader: Jacyn Rebekah.

New feature: S/X & Violence fiction list.

Reorganised mailing lists page, with direct links.

January 7th, 2002

Added new beta reader: Dramatic.

Revised Canon vs. Fanon slightly, and added new "pet names" from Season 6.

Added S/X desktop wallpapers and Winamp skins to Main Gallery page.

November 1st, 2001

Updated, rearranged, and expanded Writing Resources

Added Nick and Kelly kiss pictures from Hollywood Squares to the main gallery.

Updated and rearranged links.

Desperately craved a nap.

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