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Spike and Xander Mailing Lists

The following are mailing lists where Spike/Xander slash fiction can be posted. Some groups also allow discussion, and pairings other than S/X.

This is not an inclusive catalog, because people tend to create new lists for the most detailed type of stories, and repeat pairings findable on larger, more active lists. Those shown here are generally the lists which seem to be the most active, or which focus primarily or secondarily on Spike/Xander stories. You are encouraged to check the individual FAQ's for these lists at their host site, to find out the rules for what is and isn't allowed; this is just a general overview of the types of pairing the lists are devoted to.

S/X discussion:

S/X, Lies, and Fiction is the writer's critique and discussion list associated with this website. See the sxcrit page for details of what can and can't be posted.

S/X story lists:

  • S/X and Violence is the fiction-only S/X list associated with this website. All stories must contain S/X, but may also contain S/other and X/other. The FAQ is here.

  • Nummytreats is an S/X story list that also allows discussion and some onlist feedback. All stories must contain S/X, but may also contain S/other and X/other.

Individual Character-based lists:

  • Xanderslash accepts Xander/m slash stories, including crossovers with other fandoms.

  • Spikeslash accepts Spike/m slash stories, including crossovers with other fandoms.

  • Williamfic accepts stories about Spike in his pre-vampire days, or human Spike, or becoming-human Spike -- any story where Spike channels his inner or outer William. Slash, het, and gen (no pairing) stories are allowed.

  • Spike_Comfort_Fic accepts stories where Spike is in some way given comfort, be it after nastiness occurs, or simple happy fluff. Slash, het, and gen stories are allowed.

  • Spike-coddling is a similar list -- slash, het, and gen stories accepted.

  • Xander-coddling is the sister list for Xander stories.

Multi-character (and wider-audience) lists:

  • BtVSslash accepts both m/m and f/f slash stories about BtVS and Angel characters. Discussion is allowed.

  • UCSL (The UnConventional 'Shippers' List) is a fiction-only list that accepts stories with any pairings (het or slash) that are *not* canon on the series at the time the story is set. I.e. Spike/Xander is allowed. Faith/Buffy is allowed. Faith/Giles is allowed. Buffy/Angel is *not* allowed, unless it's set after Angel left. Xander/Anya is not allowed. You get the idea. Only pairings that don't describe a couple that already exists on the shows.

There are many more Buffy-related mailing lists at Yahoogroups, but these are some of the main ones that will welcome Spike/Xander stories.

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