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Sites with S/X Fiction, Art, Resources, and Assorted Goodies

Multi-Author Fiction Archives

  • Moist & Delicious, the fiction archive for the Spike/Xander mailing list Nummytreats.
  • Hidden Desires and Midnight Kisses (Formerly Spike and Xander's World of Fun). All Spike/Xander fiction, all the time.

  • All About Spike. Large and well-maintained archive of Spike fiction and essays centering around the theme of redemption -- including plenty of carefully-chosen S/X fiction.

  • I Need A Parrot. The Xander zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild, with Xander writing and character info, and a wide range of Xander fiction, including S/X.

  • Eternally Yours. Kages' Spike and Xander Shipper site with fiction, art, recs, quotes, and more! Accepts submissions of stories.

  • My Immortal Beloved has various Buffy and Angel pairings, including Spike/Xander.

  • S-A-G-R-X. Includes slash for Spike, Angel, Graham, Riley, and Xander.

  • Shadows and Dust Mostly Spike/Xander slash, with some additional pairings.


Personal Sites that contain S/X stories or artwork


Neither One Thing, Nor the Other



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If you have a site with Spike/Xander fiction, art, or whatnot on it, and you'd like it listed here, please tell us about it.

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