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Submission Guidelines

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Guidelines for Submissions

  1. All submissions will be posted as is. Format your submission properly in either html or text format.

  2. Submissions should be clearly labeled as to which section they are being submitted.

  3. Reviews will not be posted anonymously. You may use a pseudonym, but there must be a name and contact email address.

  4. All other submissions may be anonymous. Please indicate on your submission whether you wish it to be anonymous or not.

  5. There are no content requirements for reviews, recs, or essays. However, keep in mind the purpose of this site. If the site-owners deem your submission inappropriate or irrelevant to the site, it will not be posted. If you have any questions, please ask.

  6. These guidelines are subject to change.

    E-mail submissions to: mpoetess at gmail dot com and include "sxandv" or some variation, in the subject line.

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