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S/X & Violence NC-17 Gallery-- Warning

This would be where the nudity lives. If you're underage, first of all, you shouldn't have even gotten past the opening page, but you should definitely leave now.

If you don't want to see depictions of Spike and Xander in various states of undress, doing various adult-type things, then this would also be your cue to leave. To quote Miss Mona's House Rules, "The door's thataway." *

The Main Gallery contains pictures with no nudity, or no more nudity for either character than can be seen on the series. Which means there's shirtless-in-bed-together scenes.

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Go on to the NC-17 Gallery for the nekkid images.

* Footnote: From "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas," possibly one of the most underrated movie musicals of all time. Nekkid dancing football-playing cowboys in the shower. Could a slashfan ask for more?

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