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Original photographs are used without permission. They have been digitally manipulated for the purpose of personal entertainment only, and represent the characters depicted, not the actors who play them.

We want more. Is that so much to ask? Contact us about submissions here.

The main content here is (or is intended to be) S/X computer-generated art, though we'd be overjoyed to host scans of good hand-created art. Unless otherwise stated, please contact the artist directly for permission to use an image on your own website.

In addition to manipulated S/X images, there are a few other goodies to be found here - wallpapers, winamp skins, livejournal user icons. See each individual section for what sort of use is acceptable.

In all cases, please do not display any item here directly from your own website or a posting board, blog, html e-mail, etc. Feel free to make a text link, provided you warn your readers that there is NC-17 fannish content here, but don't link to images in such a way that the picture will display on your site/posting board, but still be hosted here.

What does this mean for the less web-adept?

If you type <img src=""> you're doing the bad thing and we will find out and you will be eaten by aardvarks. Also we will yell at you and your image might suddenly be replaced by a picture that says "I'm stealing bandwidth."

If you type <a href="">click here to see an image of Spike and Xander kissing at S/X & Violence</a> , that's fine.

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