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image: 'Looking' by the mad poetess -- Fun for the whole family. Well, almost.

Main Gallery

S/X & Violence Galleries

Images contained in these galleries are either original artwork or photomanipulations, and represent the characters of Spike and Xander-- not the actors who portray them. And just in case anyone missed the warning on the front page, Spike/Xander romance and/or sex is depicted. That's kind of the idea of the site, folks.

image: 'Peeking' by the mad poetess -- S/X naughtiness within!

NC-17 Gallery
If you would like to post a piece of S/X art, photo manipulation, or link to your site with art and photo manips or photos, please Contact Us. Feel free to send a link in your original e-mail, but please contact us first before sending an actual file, so that we can direct you to the e-mail address of whoever can best handle receiving/downloading it at the time.

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