Poll #1 -- January 8th 2003 to January 29th, 2003

What is your favourite Spike/Xander (potentially) slashy episode? [64 votes total]

School Hard (Spike's 1st ep) (1) 2%
Hush (The nummy treat scene) (11) 17%
Doomed (Spike in Xander's clothes) (3) 5%
Where the Wild Things Are (Manly posturing at the frat party) (0) 0%
Triangle (playing pool in the Bronze) (1) 2%
Intervention (Spike's compact but well-muscled...) (2) 3%
Spiral (Lighting Spike's cigarette) (8) 13%
The Weight of the World (Wait, Ben is Glory?) (2) 3%
Gone (I'm...exercising) (2) 3%
Normal Again (demon hunting together) (1) 2%
Entropy (Nothing says I love you like an axe to the head) (0) 0%
Beneath You (Is there anybody here who hasn't slept together?) (27) 42%
Him (It may look like a closet, but now it's your room.) (5) 8%
Other? (Drop us a line at boethius@jbx.com and tell us!) (1) 2%


-> What about "Him"?
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Posted By: journalkitten

Posted On: Jan 8th 2003 07:03:02 PM
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Subject: What about "Him"?

Slashy X/S episodes? What about "Him"? Xander and Spike spent the whole episode working together like buddies. Spike let Xander be the *leader* even. It was nice to watch them acting like a team.
Posted By: MP

Posted On: Jan 13th 2003 08:13:41 AM
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Subject: RE: RE: What about "Him"?

It's up there!