Don't speak Latin in front of the books, Xander.

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Why I like Spike/Xander

To be honest, I mostly don't read other slash. I'll occasionally read another BTVS slash pairing, just because it's written by someone I lurve, but I only actually seek out Spike/Xander slash. I have no interest in RPS. I have no interest in AU slash. I have no interest in slash in the other fandoms that could potentially interest me (e.g., Inu-Yasha, Alias, Lost, Stargate: SG-1, etc.). The only exception I can think of is "Queer As Folk" Brian/Justin fic, and I'm really not sure the fic counts as slash when the characters are canonically gay and canonically involved with each other. And I haven't read any Brian/Justin fic, in any case. It just doesn't particularly interest me, probably because I get enough of it from the show itself.

What interests me is Spike and Xander.

What interests me is the ongoing antagonism between them, the ongoing tension, the canonical periods of forced proximity, Spike's predatory nature combined with Xander's tendency to view himself as a bumbling victim, their shared defensiveness over their shared vulnerability, their shared tendency to try to do the right thing and fuck it up in the process.

Basically, what interests me is how very similar they are under the skin, despite how different they seem on the surface, despite how loudly and insistently they would both object to the comparison. What interests me is trying to put them into situations where they somehow get past those obvious superficial differences and begin to look beyond, begin to look deeper and see their own reflection. What interests me is how much they would most likely rail against such a process, how much they would hate it and deny that it was happening and yet how it might happen almost against their will.

What interests me is the struggle. That's why I also don't read a lot of established relationship fics. What fascinates me about Spike/Xander is how desperately they would both fight the pairing. What fascinates me about Spike/Xander is finding ways to make them fall in love anyway.


by Kimberly A.

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