Don't speak Latin in front of the books, Xander.

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Moods, Music, and Interactivity - One S/X Writer's Writing Method

I have had so many people tell me that when they read Twitch the fragments gave them a sense that they were there and as confused and scared as Xander. That wasn't why I started to write it like that, contrary to popular belief, it was the natural way it came out. I write in moods I guess, fragments happen to fit that dark dark mood of Twitch, and it reads better that way.

I don't like shoving words and descriptions down people's throats. I don't like saying every detail, describing the witty thoughts that pass through Spike or Xander's minds. I like for you to imagine is Spike looking at Xander in anger? Or sadness? I get feedback from readers and I use the comments and suggestions as a blueprint. Where are you expecting the story to go? Should I take it there? I love interactive writing; it doesn't happen with Buffy slash writers as much as other fandoms, Buffy writers are quite possessive over their words, and images. Which in a way is good, but for me? It doesn't work. I need to talk to people about my writing, my ideas otherwise it isn't going to work. This is why my beta, Di, is so important. When writing Twitch she was basically my co-writer, she gave me ideas, she told me what she thought, and then she became my actual beta with Dusk. It's that kind of communication that helps me write.

When I write Spike and Xander, I do it to music, which is something a lot of people don't know. I imagine it like a movie montage with music. Spike and Xander driving in the car overlaid with 'Morning Star' or some melancholy song. I think that's why my stories, in my opinion anyway, have a very strong mood about them. You can't twist them into being a happy story or a funny story, it's a sad story or it's not, and that's what the music does.


by Spuzz

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