Don't speak Latin in front of the books, Xander.

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What Makes Good S/X Writers Good?

I usually only read stories that people rec. It's incredibly sad and stupid, but in the livejournal section of fandom, you don't have time to go and look through all the stories and sort them out. If I have people I trust and I know are going to rec. me a good story, than I read that story. But that worries me, because I know there are a lot of good writers out there, who may not be getting any feedback at all. I am lucky in that, I have gotten recced several times, and now have enough readers to encourage me. But if you are not getting recced, it's hard to break through the mold and into the inner-circle, as it would seem. Even now I am not.

It's a silly thing to want to be a part of; even now I don't know if I even want that. It seems a hassle, and a bit scary. I know that from glancing at AnnieSJ's posts she averages around 30 replies to every post, and the post could be completely mundane (it's all love Annie, but I'm just saying...). Why? Well Annie is a cool chick for one, but more importantly she writes great stories.

But why are they good? What makes Annie's stories all the better than anyone else's? S/X is a complicated genre of slash, with two very complex wordy individuals. The stories that most people read have great babbling inner thoughts. Xander rambling on with pop culture references is a favorite.

There are cliches, but the author knows there are cliches, they say they are there, and they use them and twist them to their best advantage. An example? Well a good one is Eliade's Subtleties. It's a hooker story, duh, but Spike isn't falling all over Xander and quitting for him, and Xander isn't looking for a whore in New York. Spike strikes a deal with Xander, and Xander isn't looking for any whore, he's looking for Spike.

But most importantly, Spike and Xander are believable. The story line isn't entirely out of the aura of possibility if the characters are in character. The authors that people love present beautiful portrayals of what these characters could become, what they are etc.


by Spuzz

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