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Spike's Nicknames for Xander

In fanon, Spike calls Xander "whelp", "pet", "luv", and "Xan". Among other things.

No one is quite sure where 'whelp' came from, but it hasn't been used on-screen. It's a reasonable insult for Spike to use to Xander, but it isn't something that Spike is so familiar with saying that he'd be using it to refer to Xander in his mind: i.e. Willow=Red, Giles=Watcher, Buffy=Slayer, Xander=Whelp. The first three, yes, the last, unlikely.

Just based on Spike's behavior and personality, the endearments are reasonable, if they've already started a relationship. Not if they're still more-or-less enemies, or even just friends. He'd be more likely to use an insult. Yes, in British slang, "pet" and "luv" *are* used in casual conversation, but not usually with another man. (Spike does use 'pet' with Giles, once, but it's not a direct name-- he says "If you'd be a pet and..." then asks Giles to do something for him.) And "Xan" is a name that no one uses with Xander unless they're close friends. Spike seldom even calls Xander "Xander" on-screen, let alone using the even more personal short form.

If they're already lovers when the story starts, or after they become lovers, all of the above are believable. Spike does call Dru "pet" and "luv" and, given British slang, it is reasonable that in a conversation, he would call Xander either of those things, if they're in a relationship. "Ducks" is also an option, for the same reason -- though that one could be used with a man, in more general conversation, before they become lovers. Probably sarcastically.

Personal opinion note from MP -- If I never read the word "Xanpet" again, (not counting the author who uses that as a nom de plume) it'll be too soon. Pet, yes, fine. Xan, yes, fine. Even "Xan, pet, what's wrong?" But Xanpet. No. Shudder. Why? Why would Spike do this? It's akin to pookieookieloveydovey. Ack. Did he ever call Drusilla "Drupet?" "Buffpet?" No. Thank you, personal note ends.

Things he's *actually* called Xander. Just plain 'quotes' means he said it directly to Xander. "Quotes" means he said it about Xander.

  • Season 4: "Pangs"-- "That one" ("Oh, leave that one. He looks like he's ready to drop any minute, and I think I can eat someone if he's already dead.")
  • Season 4: "Something Blue"-- He refers to Xander as "Xander" - for the first time.
  • Season 4: "Hush"-- 'You're a nummy treat.' (He's being sarcastic. Or a very good actor.)
  • Season 4: "Doomed"-- 'bloody poof' - 'blighter' - 'geek' - 'tenth grade loser'
  • Season 4: "The I in Team" -- "little Xander" (Talking sarcastically to Giles about him)
  • Season 4: "Goodbye, Iowa" -- Spike calls the whole gang 'swabs'
  • Season 4: "Where the Wild Things Are"-- "droopy boy" (to Anya, about Xander) - 'puffed up manly man.'
  • Season 4: "The Yoko Factor"-- Spike says 'Sir, no, sir' to Xander. Almost a petname.
  • Season 5: "Forever"-- 'monkey boy'
  • Season 5: "Spiral"-- 'Shrimp' - Possibly. In context, though, it may not be a direct insult. Xander is carsick, and Anya's been talking about him not traveling well, "like fine shrimp," which causes Xander to look even greener. So it's debateable whether Spike is calling him a shrimp, or just saying it to make him feel sicker, when Xander starts to annoy him. Since Xander's actually taller and heavier than Spike, the usual meaning of the insult wouldn't make a lot of sense, but that's never stopped Spike before. Or he could be making a sexual implication. {Yes, I think about these things. --MP}
  • Season 5: "The Weight of the World"-- 'Harris', 'Special Ed'
  • Season 5: "The Gift"-- 'Lackbrain', 'Glorified bricklayer'
  • Season 6: "Afterlife"-- The whole gang is "The Superfriends"
  • Season 6: "Normal Again"-- 'King of the Big Exit' and 'Pathetic Poof'
  • Season 6: "Entropy"-- "The Great Xander" , "That wanker" , "git", "stupid tossbag."
  • Season 7: "Same Time, Same Place"-- "her boy" ("the Slayer and her boy")

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