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Xander's Nicknames for Spike

There really aren't a lot of oft-repeated fanon nicknames for Spike, from Xander. Most of them, if they haven't been used on the show, are reasonably well-constructed insults based on Xander's speech patterns.

About the only thing to be wary of is, as with Spike, having Xander be more friendly/lovey-dovey to Spike than he would reasonably be, if they aren't lovers yet. Xander does call Spike 'Spike' -- otherwise, he's more likely to use insults, or just general slang-- buddy, pal, guy, buster-- none of them in a necessarily friendly way.

Just for fun, Xander's pet names for Spike. Or, ah, statements of devotion. Single 'quotes' means he said it directly to Spike. Double "quotes" means he said it about Spike. Note -- they don't exactly get prettier towards the end of Season 6 -- for obvious reasons, if you've seen the episodes.

  • Season 2: "School Hard"--Xander says Spike is "thorough and goal-oriented."
  • Season 3: "Lovers Walk":--Xander refers to Spike and Dru as "Those crazy kids."
  • Season 4: "Doomed":--'Big mooch' - 'Pal' - 'Oh Impotent One' - 'Waste of space' - 'Buster'
  • Season 4: "A New Man"-- Xander refers to Spike as a "bitter enemy" (as in "With bitter enemies, we don't give them my lamp.")
  • Season 4: "This Year's Girl": -- 'Smarty'
  • Season 4: "Where the Wild Things Are":-- 'Hostile 17' and Xander refers to Spike as "The evil undead"
  • Season 5: "Crush": --'Evil Dead' -- 'Spike, you diabolical fiend' (a personal favorite!) - 'Bleach Boy' - and Xander refers to him as a "brutal killer"
  • Season 5: "Intervention" -- 'You're a monster.'
  • Season 5: "Spiral" -- 'Undead Man Walking' (which was a threat)
  • Season 6: "Tabula Rasa" -- "Randy" (Well, of course. It's his name!)
  • Season 6: "Smashed" -- "Captain Peroxide"
  • Season 6: "Normal Again" -- "Willie Wanna-Bite"
  • Season 6: "Entropy" -- "That evil, soulless thing", "That."
  • Season 6: "Seeing Red" -- "Son of a bitch."
  • Season 6: "Villains" -- "Mr. Attempted Rape."
  • Season 6: "Grave" -- "That animal."
  • Season 7: "Him" -- 'Constant Pain In My Ass'
  • Season 7: "Him" -- 'Nimrod'
  • Season 7: "Him" -- "Crazy Basement Guy"
  • Season 7: "Sleeper" -- "Creature of the night"
  • Season 7: "Sleeper" -- "an out of control serial killer"

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