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Yes: Xander loves chocolate. But: Xander can't live without chocolate, and he turns to it invariably in times of stress? No.

Yes: Spike once drank hot chocolate with Joyce Summers ("Lover's Walk") and asked her if she had any of those little marshmallows to go in it. But: It's his favourite non-blood drink, he doesn't like it without the marshmallows, it's the only thing he ever drank at the Summers place, Joyce made extremely good cocoa? No.

Chocolate is fun. Everybody loves it, except for the few sickos who don't, and the few poor souls who are allergic. ;-) It's great for PWP's, it's great to write a story around. Just be prepared to put a little work into convincing the reader, if you want them to believe it's a fetish, an addiction, an always-successful coping mechanism, or the center of Spike's friendship with Joyce Summers.

These are things that have crept into fanfiction as givens -- they're also things that grit the teeth of some readers -- because not every conversation Spike has about Joyce has to involve little marshmallows, and not every failed relationship moment is going to send Xander diving for the Chocolate Hurricanes. ;-)

Sometimes you feel like a nut...
We've seen Xander consume candy bars like...candy in the first season. It may be a telling thing, granted, that a trail of chocolate bars was used to lead him into danger in "Nightmares" including Chocolate Hurricanes, which are "the best" but he hasn't had them since his sixth birthday. We've seen him turn to chocolate to soothe depression once in "The Wish," in Season Three. Like everyone else, he was scarfing the chocolate in "Band Candy."

Xander doesn't act like a chocoholic. We don't see him constantly with chocolate, or even eating it at all in season 4 and 5. He eats what might be chocolate in "Fear Itself" in S4. But come on, it's Halloween! How many chocoholics among ourselves can go that long without the stuff? It's not his one solace -- he listens to country music when he's depressed, and as of Season 6, his comfort food of choice when he's *really* depressed is more likely to be beer, than chocolate.

Spike has drunk hot cocoa with Joyce once on the show. He didn't, even in the "Lover's Walk" scene, seem unlikely to not drink the cocoa if it didn't have said famous little marshmallows. He just asked if she had any. Nor did he imply that the cocoa was especially good, or in fact, ever mention it again. He does mention in "Forever" that Joyce always had a "nice cuppa" for him when he came by (which interestingly implies that they talked more than Buffy would expect, since at the point of her mom's death, she was hardly on an "invite Spike by the house" basis with him, even before he revealed his crush on her.) But. "Cuppa" usually refers to tea, or occasionally coffee. Not hot chocolate. ;-)

Judging from the times we've seen him drink anything besides blood, Spike's favourite non-hemoglobin drink is probably beer or whiskey.

Other than the hot cocoa, Spike eats a chocolate chip cookie, or at least gets one shoved in his mouth, at the end of "Something Blue," and he chows down on the chocolates he bought for Buffy's birthday, in "Blood Ties" while he and Dawn are looking for info in the Magic Box. [Pointed out by Marie.]

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