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The DeSoto -- yes, this is the Johnny Lightning model

Spike's car is a truly evil-looking black Dodge DeSoto Fireflite with the windows spraypainted in black -- model year uncertain. That is, it's been listed as 59, 63, and 69. I'd go for the 59, myself (MP) but that's just out of fondness for the year that's closest to Uncle Rory's Bel Aire. It's also the year listed on the Johnny Lightning models that have come out, licensed by Mutant Enemy. There isn't a lot of fanon surrounding Spike's DeSoto, except for stories that show him using it in Season 4 or later. While we don't know for sure that he didn't have access to it after he got zapped by the Initiative in S4, it's never been seen again onscreen, post "Lover's Walk" in S3.

Spike in the DeSoto with Dru Spike's De Soto was seen in "School Hard," and "Becoming, Part II." On his way into and out of Sunnydale in Season 2, basically. It reappeared in "Lover's Walk," in Season 3. Nothing has ever been said about what happened to it, but it doesn't appear after that. Although Spike did drive from Sunnydale to L.A. in Season 4 to chase down the Gem of Amara, pre-chip, we don't know what car he used. Post-chip, he doesn't seem to have a car of his own. At least, we see him walking almost everywhere. But then, it's Sunnydale, where you *can* walk almost everywhere. In Season 5, he takes Buffy on a vamp-hunting 'date' in a car that doesn't seem to be the DeSoto. It's possibly stolen, but we don't know for sure. The Winnebago that the Gang takes while on the run from Glory was *definitely* stolen, by Spike.

Yes, it's that hard to find a side shot of it. Sorry. Spike and Andrew, riding on Spike's stolen motorcycle, which he confiscated from one of the biker demons in "Bargaining" (S6). There is an utter lack of fanon surrounding this vehicle. Why, oh why does no one writing Season 6/Season 7 S/X fic use this? How sexy is Spike on a bike? How sexy is the idea of Xander having to ride behind him? Duh? Duh? Think of Angel and Wes, without a pink helmet -- "Get on board, Gorgeous..."

The Bel Aire

The cool Car Guy car. Xander's been given the blue-green 57 Chevy Bel Aire convertible, which belongs to his Uncle Rory, in many a fanfic. That's cool, as long as you have a *reason* for him to have it. The one given in "The Zeppo" works perfectly well -- Rory stacked up too many DUI's again, and is loaning/renting/has sold the car to Xander. The one thing that's *not* likely is that this was the car Xander took on his ill-fated post-graduation road trip.

It's a classic automobile. An expensive one, in almost cherry condition. It's his uncle's baby, basically. The car that Xander took on his road trip broke down and was traded in -- along with most of Xander's summer earnings from the Fabulous Ladies Nite club -- for one that wasn't "completely made of rust." Highly unlikely that he'd trade in a classic car like this -- if he even had the pink slip on it -- or that it would be completely made of rust. You could argue that he might have bought it from Uncle Rory, and that it might have been a piece of crap under the nice paint job -- but again, I think it's unlikely. Remember, he blew *most* of his road-trip money on buying Cordy's prom dress for her; he's unlikely to have had enough to pay what Rory would want to charge him for buying that car, and he couldn't have sold one that he didn't have the title to.

Right, the Bel Aire. It appears *once* in the entire series, in "The Zeppo." It was rented to him by his Uncle Rory, who had gotten a few too many DUI's, and presumably gotten his license suspended. That episode is the only time we've seen it, nor has it been specifically mentioned again.

The Ice Cream ManXander had a car when he left during the summer after Season 3, for his Kerouc-style road trip. See the fanon side for why MP doesn't believe it was the Bel Aire. Regardless of which car he left in, he had a different car when he got back from the road trip at the start of Season 4, because of said trade-in. We never saw it, but he mentions it in "The Freshman." He delivered pizza for a while, so he may well have had his own car at that point, and he drove an ice cream truck for a living at one point, too.

Alas, poor yuppiecar, we knew thee...not too well, since we almost never see Xander driving you. He *didn't* have a car at the beginning of Season 5, because that's one of the things Anya hoped they could afford, to go with the new apartment. By "The Body," Xander had a steady construction job, and what appeared to be a decent, possibly new, red Ford sedan of some sort. Dunno if he owned or was leasing, but he got himself a ticket, when he double-parked outside Willow's dorm.

Agent Double-o-Xander's new wheels.Willow did bad, bad things to the Ford between "Villains" and "Two To Go," however, so in Season 7, Xander shows up with a new silvery sedan ( folks suggest that it might be a Chrysler Sebring) in "Lessons." For major trivia, the license number on this newest car (again from the good people at Buffyguide) is 3PCE187. It was presumably destroyed in the series finale, since he wasn't driving it at the time.

Other People's Cars --

Giles originally had a white Citroen. It was a rather small European car that resembled a stepped-on VW-bug. Spike smooshed it while escaping from the Initiative men who were chasing Giles-in-demon-form, in "A New Man." Since then, Giles had a nice mid-life-crisis-mobile, a shiny red BMW convertible, until he made his permanent move back to England.

There's a good chance that Buffy still can't drive, or at least not legally. In Season 4 she told Riley that 'cars and Buffy don't mix,' (probably a reference to "Band Candy" in Season 3, where she managed to smash merry hell out of her mother's Jeep) and the only time we've seen her drive since then was in "Him" (S7) when she's under a lovespell and doing other totally legal things like attempting to blow Principal Wood's head off with a rocket-launcher. However, whether she's licensed or not, it's likely that she still owns the Jeep that was once her mother's. (Well, up through the series finale, after which they're all pretty much stuck with... the bus.)

Anya had a car as of "Graduation Day," (Season 3 finale) but suddenly didn't know how to drive Giles' car in "Triangle" (Season 5). [MP note -- I'd been giving her the benefit of the doubt that it was a stick shift and perhaps she only knew how to drive automatics, but on re-check, it's actually stated in the script that it's an automatic.] So take your pick, if you're planning on having Anya drive out of Xander's life.

Also, for wacky sidekick fun, Clem has a red VW bug (modern model) -- shown in "Empty Places" (S7).


Images/info from A Buffy Screencap Site,, BuffyGuide, BuffyWorld

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