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Character Ages


Ages are.... maybe not a big deal, in some cases. Most readers aren't likely to stop reading because you make a guess at Xander's or any of the other characters' ages that isn't quite in tune with what was going on at the time on the series -- though the tendency to make Xander younger than he actually is in a Xander-comfort story can be a tweak of annoyance to readers if Xander is already acting more hurt and helpless than they would expect canon Xander to act.

Joss hasn't exactly been clear on things, either. In Spike and Angel's cases, he's essentially changed his mind twice for each. Buffy's birthday has been listed as two different dates, neither of which correspond with the year on her tombstone or the time of year that her birthday is usually celebrated, or the astrological sign she told Riley she was (though granted, that was in a sarcastic situation, and she could've made it up.) We've never seen a birthday for Dawn, Xander, Willow, Faith, or Oz, though we have seen Tara's and Cordy's.

The canon side of this page shows a list of dates, episodes, and extrapolations that are intended to give you an idea of how old people are in relation to each other, at least, and/or how old they were at a given, stated time. Unless a date is stated as fact, take any reasoning as opinion, about which we're happy to discuss, debate, and if it works, be corrected.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike: was turned into a vampire in 1880 . This date is shown onscreen in "Fool for Love" (S5). We have no indication of when his birth/death-day is, or how old he was when he was vamped, though a good guess would be that we were intended to think of human-William as in his mid-twenties. He claims his age as 126 in "The Initiative" (S4), which would seem to indicate that a) vampires usually count their ages from when their vampire self was born, not their human self, and b) Joss can't count, since 1880 + 126 years = 2006, and "The Initiative" was set in 1999. The dating in "Fool For Love," which came later, and was actually shown onscreen (vs. Spike's comment to Willow, which could have been a lie or a generalization) puts his age at 119 at that point, or 123 in 2003, by the end of Season 7.

Xander: was 16 when the series started. He was already 17 on Buffy's 17th birthday, as he tells Cordelia in "Innocence" (S2) -- which is how we know his age when the series began. It was stated that Buffy was 16, in "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (S1 premiere), and Xander is older, based on his comment in "Innocence." Xander was 18 when he lost his virginity to Faith in "The Zeppo (S3) -- because he's older than Buffy, and "The Zeppo" happened after Buffy's 18th Birthday in "Helpless." We don't know when his birthday is, but we can guess that it's after school starts in Sunnydale, because if it weren't, he'd be a grade ahead of Willow and Buffy. Also, Dawn has already started school in "Bargaining" (S6) but Xander is not old enough to buy alcohol (none of them are) as a going-away present for Giles, when he leaves in that episode. So his birthday is likely between the end of August, and sometime in January, when Buffy's birthday is usually agreed to be set. We don't know his age in relation to Willow or Tara except that they're generally the same age/grade. At the end of the series, Xander is 22.

Buffy: was 16 when the series started, as stated in the series premiere. Is younger (by months) than Xander (as reasoned out above) and Tara, who turned 20 in "Family" (S5) before Buffy did in "Blood Ties" (S5). We don't know her age in relation to Willow, whose birthday has never been mentioned. She's 5/6 years older than Dawn's fictional age, since Dawn was 14 at the start of S5, and Buffy was 19. Buffy was 22 at the end of S7.

    More Jossian waffles: Buffy's birthday has been shown in computer files as two both probably incorrect dates, in the same episode: "I Robot, You Jane." The episodes celebrating it have always been in January, however. She also told Riley she was "Capricorn on the cusp of Acquarius" in "Doomed" (S4) which would put her birthday in the middle of January, and both her fictional (Nightmares, S1) and real (The Gift - S5, Bargaining - S6) tombstones showed her birth year as 1981.

Willow: ? Her age has never been stated on the show, nor has her birthday. The official Buffy site gives her birth year as 1982, which would make her a full year younger than Xander and Buffy. While given her intelligence, she very likely could have started school early, this hasn't been shown on the series, and should be taken with a grain of salt, in MP's humble opinion.

Giles: ?? We have *no* idea. None. Best guess is to base it on the actor's age, which puts him in his mid/late 40's.

Oz: is a year older than the rest of the Scoobies - he was a senior when he was dating Willow in S2, and had to retake that year (despite his intelligence and high test scoring) due to excessive not showing up for class, and coincidental not showing up for summer school. Go figure.

Faith: never stated.

Anya: We don't know. She claims to be 20 in "Checkpoint" (S5) but since the rest of her speech is a baldfaced lie, there's no reason to believe (or not believe) that her human self was 20 when she became a vengeance demon. She said in "Something Blue" (S4) that she was made a demon 1120 years ago, but we don't know how old she was when that happened.

Tara: Turned 20 in "Family" (S5). Older than Buffy, therefore (who turned 20 later on, in "Blood Ties"), and her age in relation to the rest of the Scoobies is unknown. She was 21 when she died at the end of S6. (Born October 16th, 1980, died May 7th, 2002. From her headstone in "Help.")

Dawn: was "created" in 2000, so technically she's two years old, but according to her and everyone else's memories, she was 14 when S5 began, and should be 16 at the beginning of S7. Dawn does tend to act younger than she's stated to be (at least in relation to most actual girls her age that MP knows) but she is in fact now the same age Buffy was when the series began.


Angel, the Series

Angel: Was turned into a vampire in 1853 (date shown onscreen in "Becoming, S2), when he was 26. His birth and death dates were shown on his tombstone in "The Prodigal," Angel Season 1. Other characters (Giles and Buffy) have stated ages for him that don't match up with this, but the dates shown onscreen seem the most trustworthy. Which would make Angel 260 at the end of BtVS S7/Angel S4.

Cordy: Is generally the same age as Buffy and Xander. She was 18 in "The Prom" (S3), and her birthday in "Birthday" (Angel S3) is implied to be around December or January. She would be 22 at the end of Angel S4.

Doyle: was 21 when his demon side manifested. ("The Bachelor Party," Angel S1) He was with his wife at the time, they got married at 20, and they were only married for four years, (he signs the divorce papers in this episode) so at most, he was 24 when he died in "Hero."

Wesley: never stated. Like Giles, simply based on appearance and actor's age, a decent guess would be early 30's.

Gunn: was 24 as of "Double or Nothing" (Angel S3), so should be 25 at the end of Angel S4.

Fred: Not stated. As a grad student, presumably in her mid 20's, unless she's superWillow brilliant, in which case, she could be a similar age to Cordy.


Other Vamps

Darla: We don't know, though she was turned into a vampire in the 1600's ("Darla" Angel S2), so she's around 400.

Drusilla: We don't know her age when she died, but she became a vampire in 1860 ("Becoming" S2), making her at least 20 years older than Spike.

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