Poll #4 -- May 9th, 2003 to June 10th 2003

Types of AU's
What's your favorite type of AU/'changed characters' story? [51 votes total]

Human Spike (2) 4%
Vamp Xander (7) 14%
Souled Spike (before it happened in canon) (1) 2%
Wishverse (2) 4%
Superpowered/mysterious origins Xander (3) 6%
Everybody's human - no vamps/powers/magic (0) 0%
MPREG (male pregnancy) (3) 6%
Time Travel (0) 0%
Travel from 'canon' Buffyverse to other alternate universes (6) 12%
What if? (What if a specific canon event had happened differently?) (18) 35%
Alternate history (ie: The South won the Civil War.) (0) 0%
Future (10 years? 100 years?) (7) 14%
Other? Feel free to leave a comment on the results page. (2) 4%

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Posted By: snoopygirll

Posted On: May 10th 2003 10:40:14 PM
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Subject: Poll

I hope I've posted this in the right place. I wanted to comment on the poll.


In this poll I voted for Future (10yrs 100yrs) because:

I like canon Spike and Xander. Capture them in a story and I'm yours.

BUT Spander is not cannon - therefore stories have to work hard to make the pairing believable. It gets annoying having it explained a hundred different ways why Spike no longer loves Buffy or how Anya's left Xander.

Five or ten years into the future they are STILL cannon Spike and Xander but without the need to deal so closely with excess baggage in the form of their cannon-pairings; their cannon-life even.

I prefer 'He'd been over her for years' to 'He suddenly realized he was over her'. To me one says ready to move on (is lonely has suffered and all things good :-)), the other not so much.
Posted By: Samsara

Posted On: May 28th 2003 01:36:49 PM
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Subject: RE: Poll

good point made in the above post.... me I'm kinda lazy and would just claim AU 'Buffy obsession never happened' - but then I'm also a firm 'Angel is Spike's sire' kinda gal too so I guess I'm still swimming in that river in Eygpt eh? (still it's not impossible, in fact not even improbable that Spike would lie to Buffy about it and there is the 'Yoda' line from School Hard to consider)

Anyway - I went for the 'VampXander' option, but to clarify I kinda like the idea that if he was turned then chances are he'd be resouled before rising/shortly afterwards..... otherwise I'd have problems justifying keeping enuff of Xan's goofy qualities and essential humanity. Also I prefer that someone other than Spike does the actual turning (even tho it need some serious char manipulation since Spike'd be the most likely candidate right?) - basically to avoid the 'Sire/Childe' complications in their relationship.