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[Updated July 2005]

What's the sound of one hand clapping?

So you may have noticed a certain kink threading its way through several of my solo and co-written stories -- but this list is in no way for my personal convenience. It's all about you. Yeah.

This incarnation of my recs page doesn't actually consist of fic recommendations in the classic sense. There's some stories here I love on their literary merits, some I cheerfully read just for the kink, and some I wrote or co-wrote which I'm certainly not reccing as anything besides 'fits the kink criteria.'

Additional suggestions more than welcome. Standalone stories, incomplete LJ wibblings, ficlets set in a bigger universe, or chapters of longer stories that can be comprehended fairly easily without having read the rest of the 48-part series, all are fine. Het, slash, or mixed. (If you are the author and you don't want your story listed here, just drop me an e-mail and let me know, and I'll be happy to remove the link.)

(Some of these links have been gleaned from Spanking Spike, Saber Shadowkat's site-of-much-fun that long preceded this list of recs.)

Note: A few of these stories are pretty much domestic discipline: non-sexual, non-roleplaying, non-vampire-dominance-issues spanking. They're not necessarily the most in-character things ever, some of them, but - *waves* hi, kink recs page. They're marked for your easy avoidance if such things squick or don't interest you.

Assume everything is R to NC-17, just for the subject matter at hand, in addition to whatever other goings-on might be present.



Xander's Birthday - Byrne

Just Deserts Savoytruffle - (Part of a human AU series, though in this particular story, humanity or lack thereof is not really an issue.)

Practice Makes Perfect - Chicken Cem - (AU; brothel. Semi-noncon. S/X relationship, but it's actually Andrew getting spanked here.)

Colors Not Found In Nature - Cicirossi

A New Experience - Darkhavens

Count 'Em - Darkhavens - (Vamp!Xander)

One To Grow On - Darkhavens - (Vamp!Xander)

40 Lashes - Emella (Vamp!Xander.)

Untitled - Ficbitcabear - (Dom/sub, other kinks. Read the warnings.)

Falling Over the Edge - Flaming Muse

Bargain - Immortal Katharina -(Master/slave, long, WIP)

Green Thumb - Jadelennox

Spank - Jameschick

Count the Cost - Jane Davitt

Face the Front - Jane Davitt

Hand to Hand - Jane Davitt

Preying on My Mind, Ch. 6 - Jane Davitt - (fairly standalone chapter)

Housewarming Gifts - Ladycat

What's In A Man - Ladycat - daddy!kink

untitled spanking ficlet, aka MP's birthday present - Ladycat and Othercat

Dread of Morning - Ladycat and Wesleysgirl

Among the Ones They Do - Mad Poetess - (Companion piece to Indelible, which mentions spanking in passing but doesn't feature it.)

Just Desserts - Mad Poetess - (Chocolatey Goodness chapter)

What For - Mad Poetess - (Chocolatey Goodness chapter)

Snippet, with feathers - Mad Poetess

A Part of This Complete Breakfast - Mad Poetess and James Walkswithwind

The Honeymooners - Mad Poetess and James Walkswithwind - (Domestic Piranhas universe - long story; the spanky bit is fairly early on.)

ReCall - MetaforGirl - (Post-NotFadeAway.)

King of NonSequitopia - (This is a quite long and funny/angsty WIP, which doesn't hit the BDSM issues until a good 30 chapters in. It's also in the middle of revisions, so only the first chapter is linked on the index page -- one has to read all the way through using the links at the end of each chapter to get to any particular area. Chapter 33 would be where I'd be linking if I didn't suspect the author would rather people not link to specific chapters.) Misanthrope7842 -

LWR - Leaving Sunnyhell - Nashmaveric -(Sequal to Lovers Walk Redux part one and part two)

My Hero - Raven - (Roleplaying, but dances on the edge of domestic discipline.)

Spike Spanks - Raven

Untitled Daddy!kink - Rubyblushblu

3 R's Trilogy: Revenge - Spikedluv

3 R's Trilogy: Retribution - Spikedluv

3 R's Trilogy: Reconciliation - Spikedluv

Bad Boy - Spikedluv - daddy!kink

Belonging - Spikedluv

The Birthday Party - Spikedluv

Lessons - Spikedluv

A Puppy For Spike - Spikedluv - non-con, WIP

Spike's Hands - Spikedluv



Pervasion - Jane Davitt and Wesleysgirl (Sequel to Saturation. This is a post-series Spike who's been given the Shanshu and is human.)



The Chinese Buffet - Part 1 | Part 2 - Pet_23 and Soulless_Lover - (Very mild Daddykink; comedy. This is part of a larger Spike/Angel/Wes RPG; check the community info for more information on it. This particular story is in narrative format and somewhat self-contained.)

Divine Retribution - Gills

Angel's Family - Jet - (Domestic discipline, not slash. Angel-Connor, Angel-Spike.)

Interlude in a Mineshaft - Mad Poetess - (Angelus/William - a flashback from out the pages of CG, but aside from the mention of chocolate, it's a standalone.)

It Seemed So Real - Nelson - (Domestic discipline.)

Unintentional Consquences - Nelson - (Domestic discipline.)

We Go Way Back - Nelson - (Domestic discipline.)

When Dad's Away - Nelson - (Domestic discipline.)

Giving Him The Moon - Peasant - (Angelus/William, and much much more complex than spanking smut, but it's still on my mental overload list)

Ch.7 of Hard Time - Magz - (nonsupernatural prisonbitch!AU.)

New And Improved - Raven



Job Satisfaction - Jane Davitt



Odd Request - Maybepink



The Aesthetic Gentleman - Glossolalia



Blank Verse - Jane Davitt - (Behind Closed Doors)

Crossing Lines - Jane Davitt - (Behind Closed Doors)

On the Stroke of... - Jane Davitt - (Behind Closed Doors)

Well Deserved - Jane Davitt - (Behind Closed Doors)

A Thursday Afternoon - Vampirefever



Piece By Piece - EntreNous

Paying the Price - Jane Davitt

Homesick - Jessica Harris - (Definitely one of the much-more-than-smut stories - this is painfully good character stuff)

Worth It - Jet - (Completely non-sexual spanking. Giles-Xander, AU from the end of Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.)

A Gauntlet With a Gift In It - Mad Poetess and James Walkswithwind - (Giles/Xander interlude in main Spike/Xander pairing, Domestic Piranhas universe)



Look At It This Way - Jane Davitt

Fading the Bruises - Jane Davitt

Good Boy - KindKit

untitled Giles/Wes - Te - (Dark and WrongTM, and preceded by an equally-twisted bit here)

Consequences - Vampirefever



Zero Tolerance - Avidrosette

The Final Blow - Jane Davitt

One To Grow On - Jane Davitt



Oxford Story: Payback - Eloise Bright

Tutelage - Criss Moody

Wanting and Waiting | Control Issues - Jane Davitt



Pet: interlude - The Brat Queen


Unspecified Male/Spike

Icon meme fic for zinnydark - Ficbitcabear - (mild Dom/sub)

Buffet - Mad Poetess and James Walkswithwind




Er. I actually like F/F, but didn't have any links for what I considered readable fics at the time, and am no longer updating the list, so.


Slash and Het

The Furnitureverse - Deborah MM - (Spike/Angel, Spike/Wes, minor Spike/Cordy. Extremely kinky and edgy. And bizarrely funny.)

Handling Loss/Handling Lust - Gills - (Angel/Buffy/Spike)

Funny Once - Jane Davitt - (Giles/Buffy/Willow/Xander and Angel/Snyder)

Having Faith - Jane Davitt - (Faith/Giles/Wesley)

Paying By Proxy - Jane Davitt - (Faith/Giles/Wesley)

Second Time of Asking | [Part 2] - Jane Davitt - (Faith/Giles/Wesley)

Willow's Games - Kessily - (Willow/Oz, Willow/Tara)

The Erotic Adventures of Willow and Spike (Willow/Spike, Buffy/Angelus, Spike/Dru, Xander/Cordy, various combinations of the above including f/f and m/m slash) and Sin Wagon (Buffy/Spike/Angel) are both long, smutty AU series by Laure Alexander, heavy on the BDSM including spanking. They're located at Moon Madness in the adult section; I'd link directly to relevent chapters/stories, but Laure prefers that folks not do so.





Library Spanking - Flurblewig

A Lesson - Gwynnega

Collateral Damage - Jane Davitt

Switching Sides - Jane Davitt - (Dark Willow/Giles)

Flimsy Excuse - Love's Bitca

Desirable - Maybepink

A Firm Hand - Soundingsea

untitled ficlet - VanillaCokeHead



Favour Returned - Jane Davitt



Secretary - Jane Davitt, Allegrasade, Darling Effect, and Love's Bitca - (Non-supernatural AU, patterned on the film. Long fic, but given the film it's based on, the reader may feel free to make certain assumptions about the kink content.)

The Magic Word - Jane Davitt



Take It As Red - Jane Davitt

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