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Length: 2.38 min.

Windows Media, 12.8 mb

Ring of Fire

Fandom: Kung Pow (for details see www dot kungpowmovie dot com)

Song: Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)

Summary: So Master Pain -- I mean Betty -- killed the Chosen One's family and got blood all over his best booties. These are piffling things in the face of True Love. Rated PG.

Notes: To call this 'constructed reality' would a) give new depth to the word 'understatement' and b) be so laden with irony that the world would run out of the substance and have to start using goldy, or bronzy, or possibly stainless steely, instead. Kung Pow, Enter the Fist is a remastered, re-dubbed, re-scripted, bluescreened, sliced, diced, cgi-ed and thoroughly milked version of the 1976 Hong Kong action film Tiger and Crane Fists.

Dedicated to: Spiffy Da Wondersheep (who requested the song), and Maeyan-chan (Wee-oo!)

Words and music by June Carter and Merle Kilgore, recording by Johnny Cash. Kung Pow by 20th Century Fox and Steve Oedekerk. Used without permission for personal entertainment only; no profit made. No badly animated dolls, dogs, tongues, or French aliens were harmed during the making of this motion picture, though we did sacrifice a sheep and several marmots. Enjoy cheese!
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