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Length: 1 min, 24 seconds.

(DivX, 19.5 mb)

Not Pretty Enough

Fandom: BlackAdder II

Song: Not Pretty Enough (Kasey Chambers)
Summary: Poor old peabrain. Lord Percy Percy/Lord Edmund Blackadder. Rated PG-13.

Notes: Premiered at ConneXions 2005. Many thanks to the Evil IRC Cabal for smiling and nodding, and Magpie and Maeyan in particular for beta-patience and sage advice regarding the credits. ETA: And Tzutzane gets her toes kissed, for providing me with the source footage! Geez, I'm a putz.

Words and music by Kasey Chambers. BlackAdder II footage copyright the BBC. Used without permission for personal entertainment only; no profit made.
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