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Length: 3 min, 50 seconds.

(DivX, 23.5 mb)

Forget Me Not

Fandom: The Others (film)

Song: Bury My Lovely (October Project)
Summary: Some things won't stay buried; some things shouldn't. Rated PG.

Notes: If you haven't seen The Others but might want to at some point, be forewarned that it's a very spoiler-fragile film; this vid doesn't reveal everything, but everybody's got their own comfort-level on such issues.

Premiered at VividCon 2004. Many thanks to Wolfling, Magpie, and WesleysGirl for putting up with "Look, I've got another 15 frames done!" ad infinitum.

Bury My Lovely by October Project. The Others footage copyright Dimension Films. Used without permission for personal entertainment only; no profit made.
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